November 29, 2011

The 25th Year

It’s here folks. The week.

I know, you’re asking which week. Thanksgiving has already passed, and Christmas is yet to come so what’s left?

Why, my birthday of course!  This is the week I turn 25. For some reason in my book, 25 is registering as a big milestone, and not just for the fact that my car insurance will go down.
See, this past year has been full of many, many ups and just as many downs. Too much stress  and not enough sugar.

But I’m still here. 

Here’s the thing.  Those of you who know me, know I am not some famous writer, nor am I rich; (famous writer… sure, I could be that someday…) therefore, I am not about to up and leave my life of luxury and travel all over the world to find peace during my 25th year, nor am I going to buy it.
But I am going to attempt a challenge. An experiment.
A year-long something.