August 22, 2011

C is for Cookie... another guestblog on Bake Lore!

Ok. I'm just going to lay this out there for all your readers. If you read my first guest post back in June, you'll see that I've experimented with a little cake decorating in my day.
And in my day, I mean once.

Here's the deal: both of us Lore sisters love to bake and are all about healthy foods and whole grains.
But Amy--she's the fabulous cake lady. Me? I'm just the cookie monster.

Now, I wasn't one of those kids who was rewarded with a cookie every time I did something good. My mother was all about moderation. But I remember Christmas after Christmas, she would spend hours and days in the kitchen baking up mounds of cookies and candies. I was always right there, attached to her leg trying to steal the beaters when she was finished with a dough or swiping my finger in the icing bowl. Mother wore the blue checkered apron, and I wrapped the matching pink one around me several times just to tie it tight. I always knew a flour war would ensue.

Head on over to Bake Lore to finish the rest.....

August 18, 2011

Monday Morning Meditation: "Mama called the Dr. and the Dr. said..." :

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed"
Or for a more literal translation:

No more running or biking when you feel pain.

That's right kids. I finally dragged my feet to the sports doctor's office this week and received the dreaded news.
The one all of us endurance athletes deeply despise.
The one that knocks us into a deep depression with days full of gloom and doom as our endorphins ever so slowly seep from our systems.

Though I'm pretty sure I lost all of my endorphins last May, hence the burn out I've been experiencing. But I digress...

August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Meditation: Thankfulness

I could spend my morning in anxiousness or I could seek peace.
And this morning, I choose peace.
I would like to thank my 30-day [home practice] yoga challenge.

Saturday marked the last day of the challenge, and I am here to tell you it was a success.
I never missed one day of my yoga practice this past month; however, I never really made it into a deep, hour long practice either. Most of my mornings were spent in 10 to 20 minute increments of yoga often focusing on trouble spots, mainly because I didn't want to wake up any earlier than I already do. BUT, the winning part of this challenge is that even if I never spent a long time doing sequences, or even if my hamstrings are still tight as ever, or even if I still have muscles that need healing, my mind has settled down.

And that has been worth the challenge.