June 15, 2012

Fitness Link Love!

My body revolted against me this morning, and I firmly believe it’s because I confessed to wanting to fall in love with running again.

I ran the hardest, slowest, longest, crappiest four miles this morning.
I may or may not have walked some blocks.

I am entirely disappointed in myself, but I’m moving on.
As a runner, I’m bound to have a bad day here or there. But I just can’t let it get me down.

Especially on a Friday.

Here’s some reading links for your weekend (I know, finally!)


1. Are you entirely STOKED about the Olympics this summer like I am?  If you are, then I’m sure you have the date (July 27th) already blocked out on your calendar so you can sit at home to watch the opening ceremony, and like me, may or may not be having a gigantic viewing party complete with Olympic themed food. Music Man may or may not know we are doing this.
Well, just yesterday Nike unveiled the track and field team uniforms, and I have got to say, I’m impressed and curious all at once. I feel they made a good choice going with red instead of blue as the dominant color this year. It’s fierce. The uniforms are based off of this turbo speed suit that  has a3-D dimple surface. Supposedly the suit “flickers” and will be very eye catching for the audience. Um… Katniss, Girl on Fire, anyone? I’m just hoping the speed suit won’t give the athletes an unfair edge against everyone else. Not to say that I’d rather all the runners run naked, but come on, the Olympics is supposed to be about pure talent, not aerodynamic advantage.


2. Since I love my hamstrings so much, I’m on the constant lookout for workouts to help improve them. Ok, so I hate my hamstrings because they are so ridiculously weak and tight, and honestly, I just need some new ones. But, why not try to make them a little happier than they are? This Runner’s World page not only has a good 4-exercise workout, but there’s a series of videos to check out too. If you’re looking for some Happy Hammies, this might be the place to find them.


3. New to running? One of the best things for you to maybe do is to join up with a running club. I’m telling you, the motivation will kick your butt! I’m trying to get one started around here, and even jus the thought of running with some other ladies excites me. If you haven’t seen anything posted around your city, or in your local newspaper, one really good resource is Running Club USA. You can scope out your state to see if there are any local clubs in your area.

4. Have you heard of the Mezamashii Project? I hadn’t either until I read Faster Bunny’s post this past week. I was all in the minute I

watched the video.  I’m a huge Mizuno wearer. Anyway, “Mezamashii” means brilliant or eye-opening in Japanese, and Mizuno believe that it is a word that “captures the spirit of the fantastic run.”  The premise of the project is you can sign up (only once) for their weekly sweepstakes, and if you’re drawn, you win a pair of Mizuno shoes for you and one to giveaway. It’s running through October. I am hoping and praying my name clears the surface sometime. I always over-run my shoes, mainly because I believe in a good, solid pair of shoes, but my pocket book never does. So… I’m been running in the Wave Nexus style because 1. I love them. and 2. They are the Mizunos I can often afford. But boy would I love my feet to be pampered in some  Inspires or Nirvanas. Both of which I found out would be perfect for me from the Precision Fit Analysis the website offers. However, that wasn’t too much new info for me since I test my feet just about every time I get new shoes. They pretty much stay the same.


Alright everyone, I’m off to finish a project for my online class, and then road trippin’ it to family for the weekend. My last one before Music man gets home.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Passing the Baton: What sort of reading do you have in store for me this weekend?  How do you feel about the USA uniforms? Are you happy about your hammies? Part of a running group? A Mizuno wearer? What do you paper yourself with?

Choose Joy.