June 14, 2012

Thought for a Thursday: Gratitude and Running

Today….today is simple gratitude.

Today marked the last day of my two hard summer intensive classes.

And I passed with flying colors.

Remember back when I was all whiney about failing an assignment and doing horrible on a test?
Well, I kind of sort of Aced my test both last week and this week. AND I got a 25/25 on my case study this week.
I was only points away from a A for my final grade, but you know, I’m actually ok with that.

Because I withstood time, and each week I improved.

I endured, and the end result paid off.
I kind of even feel smarter in psychology.
And… I know that despite quitting my job, despite being poor this summer and probably stressed, this is exactly where I, we, are supposed to be.

Plus, my professor (who was GREAT!) took us all out for ice cream.

That’s definitely the “Emack Attack.” Around 24 scoops and every topping imaginable.
it’s a good thing there were 10 of us sharing. Though I probably could have eaten it all myself.


Today, I am also super thankful for running.

It may have been the week I had to finally make the decision that no, I will not be racing any triathlons this year, but I’m going to fall in love with running again this summer.

I’ll be swimming and biking, and enjoying all that cross training, but I’m going to start training for my first 26.2
Which is absolutely crazy, but exciting all at once.
And my “pre-training” started this week.

I have a 16 week plan that I’m going to attempt, and so, in order to attempt that, I need to build on the mileage base I have going now.
Which leads up to my 5-week pretraining. And I am stoked.

Not only that, but I’ve started a ladies running group that’s going to be a mix of a couch to 5k program, and some fun, longer runs because there’s such an array of ladies who are interested.
It’s going to be my first taste of sharing my running passion/knowledge aka unofficial coaching, and I am so excited.
I think it’s going to be a lot of mileage…but I’m ready for it.

It’s really hard sometimes to say no to things… but I’m beginning to find that there is always a yes down the road.
My timing is always off, and I’m impatient as heck, but when those yesses come, I know it’s because He’s ready for me.

And those yeses are what bring the most joy.

Passing the Baton: What are you thankful for today? Have you had some closed doors for the summer already? If so, what are they? Do you have any idea what open door they might lead too? Would you eat the “Emack Attack” all by yourself, too?
Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Find Strong. Breathe Hope. Live Faith.