February 14, 2011

What the Lion told me

I started training for a half marathon this week, and I skipped one day of running. It was actually my long day too. Saturday: 5 miles.

I'm not usually a skipper of training days, especially long days because those are the ones where I can relax, turn my brain off of life, and often find inspiration for my writing. (Which, on a side note, I have been very inspired this week... I think I may take a crack at novel writing. Fiction has never really been my strong point in writing, I like real life too much but I'm ready for something different this year. And since my husband has been a very strong encouragement to my writing, and since I'm not in school to research and write seminar papers, and since I feel like I have that dreaded block in every other area of writing, I've been jotting down plot lines and character sketches, and novel ideas. Hmm... we'll see. )

But back to my running. Yes, I actually skipped a day, and I'm not put out about it. That's part of the enduring. Sometimes, you just have to go with life. Which is exactly what I'm trying to embrace right now.

February 2, 2011

Enduring disclaimers

So....there's this whole metaphor of endurance sports that tends to splatter over into my real life which caused me to start this blog.
Which you know if you read my first post.

However, I forgot to mention the disclaimers:

February 1, 2011


I have this crazy, lovable greyhound who likes to sleep by the bathroom doorway while I shower and get ready in the morning. He often follows me around the house, and by follow, I mean he literally walks right next to me from room to room. Even if I tease him and walk between rooms twenty times. He’s always right there. As I write now, my left arm is wrapped over his head to get to the keyboard. He’s a monster. But a lovable one.

This is Enduring. Welcome.