February 1, 2011


I have this crazy, lovable greyhound who likes to sleep by the bathroom doorway while I shower and get ready in the morning. He often follows me around the house, and by follow, I mean he literally walks right next to me from room to room. Even if I tease him and walk between rooms twenty times. He’s always right there. As I write now, my left arm is wrapped over his head to get to the keyboard. He’s a monster. But a lovable one.

This is Enduring. Welcome.
I should start with introductions. My mother would be appalled at my manners. I'm Cait, and,well, I am a runner.
As for the longer version, honestly, I'm just a gal who is trying to find joy through the simple things in life. I am a learner by nature, and I aspire to be inspired by learning something new about life everyday. I want to live life well by taking in the grace and beauty I find, and by integrating peace into this crazy, busy, and sometimes stressful life.
That's where running comes in. It keeps me sane. It helps me breathe (on a couple of different levels,) and it makes me who I am.

Besides that, I’m a woman of faith, a wife (an Army wife at that), a writer, a triathlete, a soon-to-be teacher, a greyhound lover and a baker.

I believe in Grace. I believe in love. I believe in staying fit and healthy in order to have a balanced life. But I also believe in dessert.

And I’m basically running, cycling, swimming, all-sorts of –ings, through life, and so I thought I would blog about it. 
I have another blog I started a couple of years ago. It’s about how my soles become a metaphor for my soul. You can find it here, but I haven’t written on it in a while, mainly because life got crazy last year and then I started this blog.
I really, really love to write, but I stopped writing last May when I finished my first year of grad school. I was burnt out on writing, and reading, and studying, and not having been in the school zone for the last nine months, I just haven’t taken the time to write for myself. Probably because all the writing I have ever done has been for classes, unless you count my journal but most of that hasn’t ever made it onto the blogzone yet. I’ve had lots of time the past several months, but most of that time wasn’t spent writing; it was spent dating my husband. I took some time off of school to marry the love of my life. He’s been my best friend for years, I just didn’t quite know it because I was avoiding him. That’s a long story, but I promise one day I’ll write it too. However, he came back to me from Iraq and swept me off my feet. We were married last July and then again in September. (Again, a story, but I think I’ll keep the mystery for now…it’ll make you come back.) I moved to Texas for a little bit while he finished out his active duty Army contract, and now we are back in the Midwest on our next leg of the journey.

And so, I find myself writing again.

This blog is because
I write to discover.
I write to experience.
I write to (hopefully!) inspire.
I write to connect myself to this world.

And in a roundabout way... these are also reasons why I run.

And so, in my writing, in my running, and in my contemplating, I’ve found that no matter the journey, or experience, or struggle, or joy, I endure.
And from that, I want to take something away with me.
Because, really, we are all enduring and sometimes we just need to make sense of it.

Hopefully, every time you come back to enduring, you’ll find something different. And hopefully, that will keep you coming back. My husband once told me that my writing reminded him of Gonzo Journalism. We wrote many emails to each other while he was deployed, and I often found myself writing in a stream-of-consciousness tone. Sort of like this post. I write as my thoughts come. I write as if I’m talking to you over a good cup of coffee with white mocha sauce. And I like that. (So please excuse the excessive comma usage. I promise I do know the rules; I taught them after all.) I have hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas in my head of things to write about. Mainly because I love the way I can take something in life –triathlon-ing, my dog, a TV show, bread, a moment with friends, children’s literature—and make some sort of discovery through writing. Maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll even post some pictures.
The truth is I like a lot of things. But mainly, I love life, even if I’m enduring through some sort of hardship because that reminds me I’m still alive. And being alive is a joy. Plus JJ, our greyhound, is just too funny not to make an appearance every once in a while.
As I’ve said, this is Enduring. I’ll keep writing, if you keep reading.