May 17, 2012

This one time..I married John Mayer

Remember that one time I mentioned my Music Man husband, and how I use nicknames just to keep my friends and family off the blogosphere.
This is why. I’m married to John Mayer.
That third person, he’s just a fan ok he’s, my real husband. Truth is, John professed his undying love for me this past Tuesday but I straight up told him, “John. You’re extremely talented, and super rich, but I’m married. We just can’t do this. I’m committed. I’m in love with you with my husband. I’m happily married to my own Music Man. Besides, this whole Bob Dylan-Montana Cowboy- haven’t-taken-a-shower-in-a-few-days-homeless- look isn’t my thing. I like the Star Wars nerds.”
So. Yeah. John Mayer isn’t my husband, but I did get to go to a listening party in Chicago Tuesday night and meet him. He’s real in the pic. Not wax. And he’s nice.
The party itself was for veteran’s and their +1. Jon is a big supporter of military veterans, and it was actually a really neat night. It’s nice to know that some celebrities actually care about something.
We headed out on our impromptu road trip Tuesday afternoon. Work? What’s that? My life is fun. Only fun.

Music Man is all seriousness when he drives. Me. Not so much. I was excited. And obviously weird.

Our destination, The House of Blues, is a place I’ve never been. It lived up to it’s expectations. And proved to be very photogenic. That’s actually his I-hate-you-this-is-awkward-face. I was a little too “touristy” for Music Man.
I told him I blog. Get used to it.
So he scowled at me and I stole a picture.

And another one since he wouldn’t take my picture with The House. I have the cheese factor down.
I loved the inside d├ęcor.

In fact, I think I want the chandeliers in our first house. Music Man wants the stage.

I call this the Elevator to everything goodness and wonderful and beautiful and angelic sounding.It took us to John Mayer.
Don’t mind the wine-o eyes. When we got upstairs to the special-invite-only- very important persons-that I’ll-never-get-to-experience-again-in-my-life-room we found out it was an open bar.
I froze up in the moment. I asked if they had wine. The bartender said yes and asked what kind I’d like. I think I said white.
Stay Classy Cait.
That’s ok. Music Man wanted to leave the bartender a tip. I told him it was probably on John’s tab and not to bother.

Oh yeah. The new ALBUM is awesome. The actual release date is next Tuesday, but for a limited time iTunes has free streaming of the entire thing. Go. Listen. You’ll become mellow.
Afterwards we headed to dinner with the rest of the group, and you know, I wasn’t impressed. Firstly, I really wanted Chicago-style pizza because I want pizza 24/7. And we were in Chicago. And then I realized we parked close to The Billy Goat Tavern which probably had a much better burger than what I ate.
Oh well. You live you learn.

I had the Rockit and Music Man got the Locavore. The Pretzel bun was AHmazing, and it’s something I’m going to cook up in my kitchen. I sort of stole pieces of it from him.

The saving grace of the restaurant was I did get to meet Malibu Barbie, and I found my brother’s wedding present.

Then we headed back because we had a bit of a drive back here to the corn fields.
John took a road trip out to Montana for this album and just stayed there.
I doubt anyone will ever do that to these cornfields.
Perhaps my million-doller novel should be set here?
Cornfields, represent!
Overall it was a good, spontaneous trip with my Music Man. Even though I did fall asleep the entire way on the car ride home.
I may have met John Mayer, but my Music Man is pretty great to put up with that.
We need more getaways more often.
How else can I practice not falling asleep in the car?
Seek peace.