The 25th year

As a way of finding joy and seeking peace, here are the twenty five things I hope to accomplish during my 25th year.

  1. Take a vacation with Music Man: Chicago and John MayerA day at the beach: yes, in the Midwest
  2. Surprise him often: A VLOG, why yes I will
  3. Go camping during the summer
  4. Develop a game/friend/couples night
  5. Nurture an herb garden: My green thumb
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Run several 50 mileage weeks
  8. Keep a yoga practice
  9. Run a race out of state with a friend
  10. Attempt a century ride
  11. Go back to school: It's actually happening
  12. Write (start) a book
  13. Look into becoming a RRCA certified running coach
  14. Host a fancy-schmancy dinner party
  15. Participate in a murder mystery dinner
  16. Buy someone a completely awesome and surprising gift
  17. Volunteer for Team RWB
  18. Visit friends
  19. Play with JJ daily
  20. Bake/Cook 25 items and indulge in them
  21. Spend a year with Sarah Dessen novels
  22. Get a tattoo (start my sleeve) from my husband
  23. Learn to play backgammon
  24. Build my scarf and cardigan collection: 20 scarves,17 cardigans and counting
  25. Keep a prayer journal