May 16, 2012

My thumb is green… or would like to be

Number 5 on my The 25th Year list is to nurture an herb garden.

Well, you all know that a couple of weeks ago two of my really good friends surprised me with some gardening gloves, Rosemary, and Chocolate Mint. Those lovely ladies must read my blog or something.

That evening was the beginning of something beautiful.
Here, let me show you.

I spent last Sunday outside “gardening.” We have crazy landscapers around these parts and I wasn’t about to let them mow over my herbs, and kill them before I get a chance, so I’m attempting to pot grow them (and no, that has nothing to do with illegal substances). Plus, if my green thumb surfaces and I don’t end up killing these babies by the end of summer, I’m hoping to bring them inside to continue the gardening experience.

I had a lot of fun planting and nurturing these into their new home. In fact, I found it relaxing, and I now understand why my mom enjoys it so much.
Everything I planted is an herb that I use a lot in my cooking.
The yellow pot has Italian oregano, chives (transplanted from my mom’s garden) and parsley.
The turquoise pot has rosemary, another tiny chive plant, and the chocolate mint (which I cannot wait to try in some coffee or tea.)
And the green pot has cilantro, lemon basil, and lavender.
No more dried up, plastic bottle herbs for this gal!

I’m most excited about the little plant in between the pots though. It’s a purple pepper plant, which is supposed to produce purple bell peppers that are on the sweeter side. They take about 70 days to yield a crop, and I am most certainly counting down.

Who knew this city girl with the farmer brother would enjoy playing in the dirt?

Passing the Baton: Do any of you garden? What’s your choice? Flowers, veggies, or herbs? If so… any tips for this gal with the typically non-green thumb?

Seek peace.