May 1, 2012



Thanks to some wonderful gals, it's time for me to start my herb garden!

I like the quiet, but sometimes being a makeshift army wife gets too quiet. And so, it has been a blessing the last couple of weeks to get to spend some time with my gal friends and to cultivate our friendships. We all lead such busy lives, sometimes book club once a month is the only time we see each other.
And, I tend to be a hermit.
But, Kindred Spirit and Sis have helped me to start reaching out for quality girl time.

Tonight some of the ladies came over for dinner, (the previous mentioned two, and Mama, as I'm calling her, because her little one is due to arrive anytime!) and I enjoyed being able to introduce them to the wonderful world of Greek cuisine.
Ladies, you are a tremendous blessing in my life!

Thank you so much for your beautiful, compassionate hearts. You have no idea how much your friendships mean to me.

My hope is to cultivate my herb garden as we cultivate our friendships, so I may continually lay my heart out on my table for you.