March 3, 2011

It's about time I did some long miles

It's finally official. I'm not just running a training program for a half-marathon. I'm training for a half-marathon.

I made it official yesterday when I registered for the Illinois half-marathon. From what I hear, it's a great course and I cannot wait to run it. It's been about four years since I've run any half-marathon (I did the Indy mini twice) and I'm hoping for a faster time this year. I put in for 1:45, which is about 8:30 minute miles. I'm quite sure this is doable for for me. The two times I have run 13.1 miles, I never broke two hours, but I was super close...2:14 and 2:04 so if I can break that dreaded mark I'll be happy! 1:45 is a motivational goal for me.  Plus this is four years later, and I know my body a lot better. I know when to rest, and I know when to push. I'm about four weeks in, and I'm feeling good. I'm feeling faster.

Not to mention Music Man has started another job here in town, so he isn't two and a half hours away anymore during the week. Just for guard weekends. AND I had a great interview today, and another prospective one next week. But more on this later because I'm just too excited about the interview to even talk about it now!

Then there are all the endorphins from running more miles.
I love endorphins.