July 2, 2011

How do you feel today?

I woke up in more pain this morning than I have in a long time.
And it's not the regular, lower back pain I wake up to everyday.

My upper body and shoulders were aching!  And that from only 20 minutes of sun salutations yesterday.
Talk about humbling.

But also talk about excitement. I feel like my muscles have been sedentary for far too long. So for those of you who think yoga is all about stretching, and breathing, and oms, think again. There is strength and toning to be had! So if you woke up this morning a little bit sore like myself, embrace it.

Sore Muscles = Worked Muscles

Even with the soreness, I did two short sequences this morning. A 10 minute awaken and energize set of sun salutations, and then 10 minutes of stress free yoga (mainly focusing on my hamstrings and lower back tension).  I feel good today. 

And in case all my talk of sun salutations has been a little too jargon-based, I found an article to share and this image breaking down the sequence. The article is from the Yoga Journal website and explains a sequence as well as some of the purposes for sun salutations. There are many. But one of the main reasons I love sun salutations, besides the fact that the poses are the basis of many yoga sequences, is that SS sequences work just about every muscle in your body. I feel that they wake me up well in the morning and help me work out the kinks I've racked up during my sleep. Not only do I feel energized after a set, but I also feel the release. And I feel like I've actually done muscle work, as proven by the soreness this morning. It helps me feel ready to chase my day.
[I thought the image would help you "see" the poses and understand the sequence better. I'm much more of a visual learner when it comes to yoga.]

I know it's only day two of the challenge, but I do feel the difference already. My body is exercising again and it knows it. I am finally choosing to make time for fitness and release, and it's being good to me.
I think that's the way yoga works, though. It doesn't take long to feel the effects of the good you are bringing to your body.

The big question is, how are you today? Do you feel a difference?


  1. I'm feeling lame because I didn't get to do any yesterday. I did stretch a bit before bed, but that was it. Dang. I'm really glad you are already feeling it! Thats awesome, and such a great reward for taking the step to do this for 30 days :)

  2. Just remember... this is a 30 day challenge and July has 31 days, so you're still in the game lady!!! :)

    And don't feel lame, you totally ran a 5k yesterday, which is more than I can say!

    I think I'm feeling it already because I've been lame lately and haven't worked out for about two months now. I'm still sore!