July 12, 2011

How to find restoration while the sun rises and sets

I am beginning to fall in love with yoga again.

I feel more energized, my back doesn't hurt as much when I wake up, and mostly, my mind is starting to calm down.

My peaceful place
Morning Light: Week two of the challenge has been good to me thus far. I'm slowly getting past that groggy, "I do not want to get out of bed to stretch" mode. This morning, I actually awoke with a teeny thought of wanting to do yoga! I didn't follow a dvd or even read a book, I just let my sequence flow based on what muscles I wanted to stretch. Though I did steal some ideas from this video: Jason Crandell: Morning Sequence.  It's a great sequence I tried out yesterday morning. I felt refreshed, energized, and calmed all at once. I was ready to face the day.
Try this one out tomorrow. You will not be sorry.

Sun Sets: Every day at work I tell myself I'm going to do another yoga sequence before I turn in, but by the time bed comes, I don't feel like changing into yoga clothes, getting out the mat, and actually practicing. Instead, I put on my pj's and do a few restorative poses to help ease my mind into sleep.

Recliing Bound Angle Pose
 My favorite is bound angle pose. I often save this one for last while I'm lying in bed. I haven't used anything to prop up my knees, yet (though I might try some pillows tonight.) Usually, I just lay there and pray for a little bit, then let my mind try to go blank. I often reach that point right between awake and sleep, and then I know I'm ready to slide off into dreamland.

If you only feel like doing one pose before bed, try bound angle pose while lying in bed.  Maybe even turn on a noise machine with waves crashing in the background.
You'll feel restored in no time.