April 24, 2012

Tapering Tuesday (and Luna)

Obviously my running will be dwindling significantly this week, but I did enjoy a nice 4 mile run this morning with my RB.
And some good stretching.
Because that’s what taper week is all about.
Less miles. More stretching.
And carbs. Lots and lots of carbs.

Then I worked.

But my CEP Compression sleeves kept my calves toasty and feeling good even though I stood most of the day.
Who rests their legs during taper week?
Not me. That’s who.

Tonight was an awesome grilled shiskabob dinner with friends, and we made these:


runform  colleen   kim

First up is me and my hopeful running form for the half on Saturday.
I’ll be flying people. Try to catch me.

Then we have Colleen. She’s a reader like me. And that’s my running biography in her hands.
Oh, you don’t have it on your shelves yet? Well, you should.
Shame on you.

Last is Kim. She’s a newbie runner. And Saturday is her first half-marathon.
You’re seeing things right. That’s a gold medal around her neck.
And no, it’s not just a finisher medal. It’s a GOLD medal.

(PS. I’m experimenting with instagram. I want to be artsy like Music Man)

Oh yeah. Then I won an awesome Twitter sneak peak  giveaway of these.


I am stoked. Luna bars have been my favorite nutrition/protein/snack bar for awhile.
The nutrition bars are great for my afternoons when my blood sugar tends to get low, and it’s a much better choice for sweet/chocolate flavor than the gremlin  vending machine snacks.  Plus, they fit super snuggly in my purse for on the go travel. Luna bars. Not gremlins.
Then when Luna  came out with their protein bars a couple of years ago, I fell hard. I like to eat them before a run or a race because they sit in my stomach quite nicely. And again, the chocolate. (PPS,  the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor is my favorite.  I never feel guilty eating it.)

I believe in Luna, and I believe in Fiber. I think it’s a match made in heaven.
I’ll be reviewing these when I get my samples in, so stay tuned!

Off to sleep. Because that’s the last part of tapering.


Seek Peace. Choose Joy.