April 20, 2012

This rainy day won't bring me down.

I woke up to a simple rain shower this morning, and it's absolutely beautiful.
That's not something I  normally say about rain, but today it's my focused thoughts
Friday's are my off days and usually I try to get some yoga in, but this morning, my body said sleep.
So I did for a little bit longer than usual.
We had a group of friends over last night for dinner and fellowship, which, when you get a bunch of musical people together turns out to be a night of worship.
Last night was a very soul-filling evening.
A much needed one before the weeks to come.

I was really hoping for another sunshiny, beautiful day  like we've had this week, but the rain has come.
The farmers have planted early, so I know they've been praying for rain,  but I just enjoy the sun too much for it to disappear sometimes.
However, I'll take the rain today. It is sort of a foreshadow on the next couple weeks, but I'm going to try to see past the gloominess.
Music Man is headed off on a 16-day Army venture back to our old stomping grounds (Ft. Hood,) and I'll be here training, racing, and hopefully writing a bunch. I always hate the times that he has to leave, especially this one since it's in the middle of the semester, but he's been working on his classes early so he won't have a huge load while he's gone. Plus, he's headed back to Texas and I am super jealous. I miss the post, the food down there, and most of all our friends.

So instead of being upset for the rest of the day, I'm taking the rain as something beautiful.
It's part of choosing joy.
Even despite the circumstances we face sometimes, we can still  choose joyfulness, and I fully believe that we can revel in it.  
Because both are something very much needed here today.
Rain and joy are life sustaining.

First hug after a long deployment
That's kind of how I'm  hoping to look at the next few weeks.
Being apart is not ideal for a marriage, but it will be good for Music Man and I. Luckily, we have the means to communicate so it's not like we won't talk.
These times apart often grow us and our marriage.
After all, these times are a way of enduring.
Of teaching us to keep putting one foot forward because the end will come.
And like the finish line of any race, it will be full of Glory.

That's what I look forward to most.