May 10, 2012

Though for Thursday: Gratitude

Today is my one day of vacation this week that’s actually vacation. No observing. No big plans. Time to clean a bit and maybe just relax.
So what did I do this morning?
I woke up at 5am and went running with RB.
After taking last week off, she’s itching to get running with me again, mainly because we both know that we are more accountable with each other. I actually get out of bed when I know I have to meet her. And vice versa.
I really didn’t want to run. Honestly, I wanted to sleep in.
And, my leg is still being stupid. And I’m in that middle-of-races-mode where I don’t technically have anything to train for because I haven’t paid the race fee yet, and I’m self-doubting because after eight days off I’m afraid I won’t remember how to run.
Plus I attempted running Tuesday evening on the treadmill and it was a disaster.
But then I remembered, I get to run.
I mean, sure, I have the choice of whether I want to run or not, but either way, I still get to make that choice.
Some people aren’t that lucky. There are those out there in so many different circumstances than mine, that aren’t able to experience the joy of movement.
There probably will be a day when my legs no longer can move across the pavement, and I pray it’s later than sooner, but when I woke up this morning I knew today wasn’t that day.
And so I put in 4 miles, thankful only for movement.
Thought for your Thursday: What if every run we were thankful just for movement? What if, even on those days when we are focused on splits and end times, we celebrated the fact that we are able to run? That in truth, no matter how hard that run was, it was still effortless for our body? What if that thought spurred us to run for those who can’t move? What if, somehow, our movement could help others?
Choose Joy. Breathe Hope.