May 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

So. After my first week back in school, I remembered why I was excited to do summer classes.
3 day weekends every week.
And with Memorial Day today, make that a 4-day.
Needless to say, it’s been a good weekend.

I spent Friday and Saturday glued to the computer doing homework. The overachiever in my kicked in, and I knocked off a lot of little work for the next few weeks.
Don’t worry. Music man worked all day, both days, so I didn’t ignore him or anything. And I won’t bore you with the details of my homework.


But we did head out Friday to see MIB 3 

I thought the first two were pretty funny, and this one was just as hilarious. Josh Brolin does an amazing job of the young K. I seriously thought he was a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones.

It provided some much needed laughs after a day at the computer screen. Sometimes, I just need movies like that.


Saturday I made friends with a moose.

And don’t worry about calling the MIB for my alien skin. Blame my stupid cell phone camera.

Music Man is headed out on Wednesday for another long spout of Army training. He’ll be gone for about a month, and is itching to get back into running with the rest of the brigade on post. So we stopped off at Scheels for some running shoes.
I don’t know if you’ve heard of a Scheels, but it is this crazy, mega, super sports store. Pretty much like a mall with only sport and fitness all under the same roof. The one in our area, which is the closet around for a good while, even has a ferris wheel in the building.
When it first opened last fall, I didn’t want to jump on the hype. I was fine with online shopping and the local sports stores.
But I caved.
Especially when this happens:


See. When I got into triathlons, all I had to swim in was my one piece speedo that I had from jr. high.
No lie.
Church camp and modesty and all.
But when speedo’s range around $80, and you’re a budgeter like me, you deal with the saggy swimsuit butt.

However, the see-through aspect, not even going to attempt that one.
So when I got into triathlons, I bought a two piece training suit so I could attempt to use the top as a bra for my cycle/run transitions.
But this whole quarter-life-crisis-abs-that-want-to-protect-the-nonexistent-baby-instead-of-looking-like-a-sixpack thing is sort of keeping me from the two piece.
Saggy butt vs saggy abs.
It’s a daily toss up.

Until Scheels and it’s $19.99 TYR deal saved the day.

Good-bye circa 1997 suit. Hello hot stuff blue.

It’s time for some swimming this week.

In addition to a new suit, I picked out the clippless pedals and cycle shoes I want, and a few jerseys and padded cycle shorts.
Now it’s just time to save up the $500.
Ok, not that much. (You’re learning I exaggerate, right?) But still.
I did  purchase my first Bondi band though.

Um. Awesome.
I tried it out on my run this morning, and it was the first headband I’ve tried that doesn’t slip.

I am in love.
Plus I love that they come in both colors/print or with writing. I can match them to any mood I want.

Sunday  was a good day of rest, some light reading, and a dvd in. We rented We Bought a Zoo, and I got more positive affirmation that I should become an adventure writer.
The movie told me.
Music man just gave me the stink eye.

Guess I’ll stick to blogging for now.

We celebrated Memorial Day right. My family came over for a nice cookout and some good, quality time.  Unfortunately, my own soldier had to pull a retail shift, but he heckled his boss and they let him come home early.
I made him man the grill.

But it was all his favorite foods today.
And I made him this:

Does that layer of Oreo goodness not scream LOVE to him?
At least that’s what I told myself.

It’s been a good weekend or rest and remembering.

Passing the Baton: How did you celebrate Memorial Day? Did you travel this three day weekend, or work? Favorite summertime/grill food? –We’re definitely a brats and ice cream kind of household.

Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Breathe Hope.