June 5, 2012

Tuesday happenings, Nat’l Running day, and I’m currently taking beach vacation ideas

This is what I look like after I swim 1000m.

Boy did it feel good to get back into the pool today. I think it’s been just about 8 months since I’ve been swimming, and let me tell you, it felt good.
Though I did forget just how much swimming wears me out. My afternoon class notes were a little squiggly.

I’m pretty much thinking that after next week when my first session of summer classes is over, I’ll be living in the pool. Both inside training, and outside sun tanning.
Can. Not. Wait.
See, I also forgot how much I love the water… and how it relaxes me.

Running helps me get everything out. Swimming helps me enjoy being empty.

Therefore, I’m thinking about a beach vacation sometime this August  if I can drag Music Man away before our fall semesters start. I want to surprise him, and since he doesn’t read my blog he’ll never know. (If you are reading, you better comment!)
Anyway, I’m seriously needing suggestions. We live in the Midwest, and I’m thinking it will ultimately be cheaper to drive than fly/take the train. I’ve been to Myrtle Beach before and it wasn’t that impressive, and Florida is probably a bit too far. But what do you think? Suggestions? Ideas? Favorite places to relax on the water (?) because THAT’s what we’re needing.
I’ve firmly decided it.


In other news, my campus was invaded today by this freaky, giant bird.
Excuse the photo again. I’m working on remembering my camera.

Sources tell me it was Reggie the Redbird and he was doing a photo shoot.
I tried to get his attention while he was lounging on the grass with his feet up, reading the campus paper, but he’s a quick one that Reggie.


After scouring the newspaper today, I’m trying not to fall deeper into this quarter life crisis.
What do you think?
Personally, I feel I’m entering the teaching profession at just the right time.

It’s ok. I know just how to combat that wonderful feeling of success.
Tomorrow is National Running Day!
There's nothing endorphins can’t fight!!!

Here’s the official  logo

But I like mine better

I think I’m going to attempt a double tomorrow.
Why not?

Passing the Baton:  Are you headed out to celebrate National Running Day tomorrow? If so, what’s your plan?? Do giant mascots freak you out or make you feel uncomfortable? Beach ideas!! Tell me where you go to find relaxation.

Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Find Strong.