June 3, 2012

Weekend happenings…and no, this isn’t typically a food blog…

It’s been a fairly boring weekend. I’ll be honest.
I’m sort of lame when I’m by myself.

Since Thursday marked the halfwayness of my summer class, I filled up most of my free time (which was a lot) with getting homework done.

I know. I’m sort of an over achiever. Hopefully that’s a good quality to have as a future good teacher/librarian.

On to the activites.

Friday was actually spent in Milwaikee. I got up bright and early for my first school field trip in about seven years.
I had to sign a waiver and everything.

Three classmates, my prof and I visited The Alliance School for an experience I won’t forget.
It’s a charter school that was started “provide a safe, student-centered, and academically challenging environment to meet the needs of all students.” Basically, it’s a school where a lot of different and bullied kids can go to learn and finish high school because public school was to harsh on them. The school has a zero tolerance for bullying and it’s actually a really freeing, teacher-led school.
I think it is an amazing concept, and the kids were not only fun, but so intelligent.
As part of the field trip we got observation hours to apply for our certification, so getting up at 3 am was worth it.
So was this.

Mmmmm… nothing like amazing oatmeal and some bold coffee to start off the morning.

=  happy runner

Now, I’m not usually a Sbucks kind of person, but that's sort of all I can choose from around here.
It’ll do.

Um… next best part was the dinner on the way home where I experience something amazing.

Since we were in Wisconsin, I thought, why not go all out and gobble up cheese while I can.
I’ve been to Culvers numerous times, but never tried the cheese curds. Sorry, they just don’t sound that appetizing.
Until I found out they're pretty much friend cheese.
And who doesn’t love that?

Missing from my picture is the healthy salad I ate.
See. I’m balanced.


Saturday was boringsville.


I pretty much did homework all day.
Like wrote two gigantic essays, did some online modules, worked ahead some more.
I am so lame.

But I did run 9 miles.

Cause I’m still on top of it.
That’s the first time I’ve logged that digit in about a month, and it felt really good.
I think it’s because I ran with my RB and so we pushed each other.
But now at least I know I’m on par for a 15k I’m hoping to do in two weeks.

I did pause from homework to get groceries, and I stocked up on this kind of goodness.

I sort of turn fruititarian when Music Man is gone.
I can’t help it. I don’t like to share the goodness with him.
Which is probably why stuff like this happens

Good thing I was moving them to the sink to wash.
Don’t worry. There were no casualties.

And so, this will be on my menu for the next week

However, I think I can convince Music Man to gobble this kind of stuff up this summer. We’re salad people when it gets hot out.
I may just have to hide my strawberries.

Usually when Music Man is gone I make of list of all the good things that happen while he’s gone just to keep my mind from being sad.
This is one of those good things.

Stocking up on my K-cups.

And I finally downloaded Mayer’s new album.

There was no doubt that we would after our trip, but I decided to wait until Music man left so I could rub it in his face while he’s off gallivanting around Texas.
Classy. I know.

Well, it’s been more homework, lounging with JJ, and a stupid Nicholas Sparks marathon on ABC Family.
Torture. Seriously.

Pretty much more lameness.

However, this runner is about to head out on a recovery run with the RB.
Probably 3 to 4 miles just to put life back into our legs and set ourselves up for the week.

Plus, I’ve got to get the mileage started if I’m going to attempt a marathon this fall.
Guess I better actually sign up this week.

Alright. Just a few more minutes with John’s album……le sigh


Passing the Baton: Tell me about your weekend. Has summer traveling started for you? What sort of distance/workout did you do this weekend? When do the summer races start for you? Or… just talk to me. I need conversation.
Seek peace. Choose Joy.