March 20, 2011

The story of how I quit

Well,  I did it. I quit my job yesterday.

"WAIT? Did you just say quit," you ask? "Aren't you struggling right now? Needing work? Living with your parents?"

Why yes... yes we are. But only for one more week because........

I was offered a full time job this week. We signed the lease to our new apartment. And Music Man has a very, very good job prospective. I know. A few weeks ago I mentioned he had a very good job here close to where we are staying, but that fell through... so he's been jobless again. It's another story of endurance. It's another show of God's plan.  

But for your entertainment, I will tell this story.
The story of how I quit:
As you know, (or probably don't know because I haven't mentioned it in detail,) I have been working part-time at a local fitness center. It's a very small, but nice facility, perfect for my little hometown, and actually, very good for those who live here. (Where we are moving... there is no local gym. Ugh.) Anyway, I applied to work there last summer when I was home for a bit because I worked at my Univeristy's gym/rec center for a couple of years. Fitness is my hobby, and I love helping people. It's been perfect for me. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job last summer because Wendy Whiner did. She was the daughter of one of the gym managers, so she had more of a "connection/in" than I did. And, to not discredit her, she also had experience working in a gym for a couple of years while in college. So... I moved on but still worked out there.
Fast forward to January and Music Man and I have to come home for a bit. The main manager at this branch, Mommy Muscle, remembered that I applied last summer, they were needing some extra help because Cleaning Nazi wanted to cut back on her hours, and so, Mommy Muscle thought of me. Tada! Part-time job for now. 
It's been very helpful for the last few months, and I got a complementary membership.  Plus, I loved the atmosphere and helping people. It's what I like. But, needless to say, no job is perfect.

And so I ask you, Have you ever had one of those jobs where you liked what you did, maybe even loved it, but had trouble with your coworkers. So much so that you wanted to quit in style? Perhaps you have envisioned yourself looking at your co-workers, mainly Cleaning Nazi and Mommy Muscle, eye-to-eye, saying, "Thanks for spying on me every shift, I hope you have noticed how much I actually DO do my work... but perhaps you did not notice because you were too busy talking about me behind my back with each other. In case you did not notice, because you are really only here for about forty-five minutes of my entire shift, every shift I do all the work I am supposed to do, plus more. I'm quite positive I have worked in this type of environment for three years and I do, in fact, know how to do my job. It is no different here than there. But I appreciate your concern, and your calling the Big Boss to come and spy on me as well. I am very glad he said nothing to me the whole time he was here last week. In fact, I am very glad you also said nothing to me the entire time I have worked with you. It was very refreshing to instead, mainstakingly, get a text message from you, Cleaning Nazi, where you addressed one of our co-workers and confessed about calling the Big Boss to come spy on me. In fact, I also very much appreciate your use of incorrect grammar and text speak. Especially since you are much older than me and more educated. And since the very next day you spoke to me with a smile on your face and acted as if nothing had happened. You have lifted my spirits and given me hope about society today."
Then, you address them one more time and say," Thank you again so much for a wonderful work environment. It's always a much better place to work when coworkers like you, Cleaning Nazi and Mommy Muscle, and probably even Wendy Whiner,  talk about me behind my back. It makes me understand I am liked and appreciated. If you will excuse me, I hate to say it because I loved working with you so much, but I quit." And then you drop your keys on the desk, hike yourself up on the desk and slide off the front in style, and strut out the front door with confidence.

Oh wait...that probably never happened to you because this is the story of how I quit!
Except, I think it was a little more toned down than that.
In fact.... I think that scene sort of just happened in my head. Well, that whole addressing the co-workers and jumping the desk part anyway. The rest, I kid you not, is one hundred percent true.

And the other truth, is that I start my training tomorrow for a full time job. And Music Man, JJ, and I are moving to our home next weekend.
So... I really quit because of the new job... but I like to think that quitting couldn't have happened at a sweeter time.

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  1. That is tooo funny.....Cleaning Nazi, Mommy Muscle and Wendy Whiner, I love it!