April 20, 2011

Live and ready to run

Hi friends.

Tonight I am coming to you live from my very own apartment. That's right. We're halfway settled (we have twelve boxes left to unpack, the office to organize, and two rooms to paint) and finally online, so I'm ready to blog!

I must say, I am quite tired tonight though, so this will be short. Adjusting to working full time during the week, spending my free evening hours with my husband, unpacking/organizing the apt, and training for a half-marathon at 4:30 in the morning is wearing me a little. It's merely an adjustment period though.

I wanted to let you know I'll be up and blogging as soon as I can. I'm starting a new venture of freelance writing here in the next few days as well, so I've got lots to talk about.  AND, Olympic distance triathlon training commences in two weeks.

I hope your days have been good.