May 26, 2011

Season ender

I have become a tv show junky since I have gotten married.
Monday nights is Castle. Tuesdays, when I remember, is Glee. Thursdays, oh Thursdays! is Grey's Anatomy. And Sunday nights is Army Wives.
I want to also become faithful to Veronica Mars reruns. And I desperately want Combat Hospital to be good. I tried Off the Map for awhile because it was from the creators of Grey's Anatomy, but ugh. I lasted perhaps three weeks, and I think it lasted maybe five. I also tried watching last summers The Gates, simply because the previews intrigued me. That ....I can't even say. Just horrible.

But, I have come to the conclusion that I hate in between series. Summer shows are horrible, but most of the time, early winter shows are worse. You know, the ones introduced while your favorite show is taking a hiatus during the holiday season?  Rip offs of that show you love often directed at target audiences?  Yeah. Off the Map failed for me. Which is why I'm leery about Combat Hospital.  It seems to be some sort of Grey's influence, only this time, aimed at the military. Hmmm. Could be good? Music Man, however, has mentioned wanting to watch it. I think it's because I got him hooked on Grey's in the first place. Now, he'll sit there and make fun of the show week after week, but he never makes me change the channel.
It's funny. I never used to watch a lot of TV before recently. Growing up, my mom gave us an hour of TV every day and then kicked us outside. My choices were always Sesame Street and Eureka's Castle  or Reading Rainbow.  I liked learning, and after that, I would have much rather been outside playing, or in my room imagining up worlds and stories. So it was ingrained in me to spend my time elsewhere instead of in front of the TV.  I never had one in my room, and when I moved to college that followed me. My roommate like to read. We were content with our little library nook we created under our lofts.

When I headed out on my own to a string of apartments: no tv in my room. And I was always too busy studying, or grading papers to plant myself in front of the tv for too long. Granted, I did start watching Grey's the year I left for college because that's when it came out, but that was it. One show a week. Every Thursday. My treat.

But oh getting married. Hm. Somehow I won the argument of no tv in the bedroom, for now at least. I guess it helps we really only have on tv, though. And so, I still have my little reading nook in the corner. Complete with an antique rocking chair passed down from my aunt. But nights after work. Goodness. You saw my schedule. Monday. Tuesday. Thursday. Sunday. All nights I find myself curled up next to Music Man, glued to the TV.

I tell myself it's research. I'll write essays about how my life connects to a show in some way.

It could happen. Really.

Or perhaps, its because I just like stories. And I've happened to find a few good series that have decent enough writers to hook me on their stories. I'm not the only one now. I read the blogs out there, and several of my favorite writers watch TV. Like I said: research.

But this week... it was the end of me. Or, the end of tv me, I should say. Season finale week. Everything is over. Except Army wives, but that too shall pass. I found myself a little lost this week because there really isn't anything else decent on. And I find that obsurd. I'm lost because there is nothing on tv? Time for  something different. Besides. It's getting warmer out. I should be outside.
And so, I will bake more. I will bike more. And write more. And post more.

Maybe, just maybe, I will write an essay about Grey's Anatomy.  Look for it. Dare me to write it.
I will.

And there won't even be any commericials.