June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Meditation: Strength

I have a long term goal with reintegrating yoga into my life.

Someday, I want to do this:

Right now, it looks impossible. My physical strength is gone because 1: I haven't practiced yoga in over six months, and 2: I also haven't been pumping iron for about the same amount of time.

But I'm a goal setter. Sometimes a procrastinator, but definitely a goal setter.

And I believe in strength.

Strength is what fuels endurance. But I feel strength comes in three ways:
Strength in body. Strength in mind. Strength in spirit.

As with all three... we have to exercise ourselves to build our strength. In order to someday be able to hold this pose, I have to be consistent with my daily yoga  practice. The only way I will EVER be able to do something remotely close to this (because I'm still not certain my body can contort this way) is if I start at home. If I train myself to study every day. If I am consistent.

The same with my mind and spirit.
And so, I exercise my mind, or I will try, with a mindful quietness over the next month. I will MAKE time so sit or lay still for 5 minutes. Completely awake. Completely aware of the world around me. Learning how to breathe and take in the moment.

I believe in the Trinity: God, three in One. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is a core of my faith.
But I also believe in this trinity: body, mind, and strength. And if not all three are healthy, then I don't feel healthy.
So, I also exercise my spirit which is something I have already been reintegrated through bible reading and a daily devo. I am learning how to prepare myself for whatever comes. All the while growing closer to the One who gives me Life.

Strength is part of who we are, and we gain strength through many different obstacles in life.
Last night as we drove home from the park after listening to some jazz music from the community band, I closed my eyes and stuck my head out the window with JJ. I wanted to see why he always seemed happiest during that part of his car ride.

And with my eyes closed, it felt, almost, as if I were flying.
It wasn't physical. It wasn't mental. It wasn't spiritual.
And it really involved no strength from me, whatsoever.
But it was a moment when everything felt peaceful and silly and content and joyous all at once.

And I believe, with daily practice of building our own physical, mental, and spiritual states, strength helps us to find peace, and silliness, and contentment, and joy in those time when we need it most.


  1. I am really looking forward to doing this challenge with you. Now all I need is your help with figuring out how to make my blog look a little more appealing, and get that banner set up :)
    You're a beauty, Caitlin. Don't forget it!

  2. I just get joy and peace from reading your blog sweetie.