June 26, 2011

Time for a Yoga challenge

I haven't been totally truthful with you lately.
So I'm going to let it out.

I'm slacking on my training.
Ok... I'm burn out with my training.

Actually... I'm not training at all.
There, I said it.
I know. Here I have this blog about enduring, and all of my training, and I'm not really doing it.
I will give you my reasons though, not excuses.

Since we've moved and I've started my job, I haven't felt like doing anything. I've been so stressed, maybe even a little sad at not making new friends. Then, I realized this town doesn't have a good pool to train in or an affordable gym, and it's also hard to afford races right now because we're just getting our life and bills settled.
Honestly, it seems like my training has been more of a stresser instead of a stress release. I'm not having fun anymore.Then, there's this old injury flaring up again... and I'm afraid with my mental stress, that if I keep training hard, I'm going to push my body so far that I won't be able to race in the future. As in, when I'm 80.
I don't want to be broke when I'm 80.
I want to run marathons.
I want to race Kona.

So I haven't been running. I've been walking JJ.
And I haven't been cycling. I've been riding my awesome Huffy beach cruiser Music Man got me.
And I haven't been swimming, or yoga-ing.
And yoga-ing is what makes this injury feel better and my mind calmer so I can train.
Plus, I haven't been eating too healthy either.  It's ice cream season. My Parallax.

But my awesome friend, Crafty Girl, down in Texas started an exercise blog, and I feel like the lamest girl on the planet.
Because I want to work out. I want to train. I want to complete my five-year journey to a Full Ironman.
But I just don't have any motivation to do it.
Until she started writing, and it gave me an idea.

I really won't be racing any tri's this season... but next year I will race an Olympic and a half-Iron. I'm determined. However, I want to do another half-marathon this fall, but only if I can heal my mind and my body. Because if I've learned one thing over the last six months, it's this: if your mind is too stressed and not in the right mental state for exercise, your body won't be either. I've talked before about how endurance sports are mental sports. Well, I'm ready to get back there.

During the month of July, I'm going on the adventure of a 30 Day [home practice] Yoga Challenge. I believe Crafty Girl will be participating as well, and I challenge any of you readers to join us. It's a way to start healing my body, but healing my anxious/stressed mind too. A couple of years ago, I got into yoga because we had some awesome classes at our rec center, and I made time for a home practice. And that's what I have to do now. MAKE TIME. So, I figure, if I write about it here, you can help keep me accountable.

Yoga is not something I do for the eastern connection/religion. Though I do believe if I practice meditation, or in my eyes, mindful quietness, I can learn to relax. I use it as a time to focus on the moment. Or to pray. But for me, it's about stretching and muscle healing and strength and learning to just quiet myself down from the busyness of society.

I'll post the guidelines on the Yoga Challenge before the first, and if you'd like to participate, leave me a comment.

Time to make time again.


  1. Sounds interesting! Maybe something I should sign up for...

  2. Cait,
    Saw yoga and you know me...I was hooked lol. I think this is an awesome thing for you to do. I am such a believer that you need balance in your life and a lot of time with you have the "ying" excercise of running (or anything repetitive and somewhat harsh on the body) you need a "yang" practice like yoga to balance it out! I would love to join in on this yoga challange for I am guilty as well. I have gotten out of my practice and the consequences have been staring me in the face. Whether its more impatience with the everyday happenings of life, my back killing me on a daily basis, or just the feeling of anxiety in general it has been very clear. I NEED YOGA....and I am better with yoga. With that being said I wanted to see if your challenge is the one that I have enjoyed before. If you go to yogajournal.com and type in 21 day challenge you can actually sign up for a free challenge where they send you a video everyday of 4 yogis that share a excellent class with you to go along with. I loved it. They are different...some challenging, some not, some better in morning, some made for unwinding in the evening. Either way, take a look at it and let me know and count me in :)