December 1, 2011

The 25th year, part 2

In exactly forty-five minutes, I'll officially have been in this world for 25 years.
My younger brother, Farm Boy, teased me today and asked me if I'd be going to bed any earlier. I failed to tell him I usally turn in before ten anyway.

As promised faithful friends, here's the big reveal for the 25th year. 

Over the last year, I've struggled with too much anxiety and stress. I blame part of that on getting married, moving three times, starting a new job, hating said job, struggling with discovering my career, financial issues, a sports injury, burnout from training/racing, health issues, and moving far, far away from my best friends(yes, that all did indeed happen within the last twelve months). And so, as I venture into a new year of life, I have decided I need to let go of my silly worries, because if I don't, I'm afraid of what might happen down the road.
I am choosing to stop the snowballing of anxiety, stress inducing insomnia, and stress in general. 
I am choosing to embrace life in all of the simple things.
And it boils down to these five, simple mantras:
Seek peace. Choose joy. Find strong. Live Faith. Breathe hope. 

One of my hopes is to be a creative mom fiction essayist someday (memoirs, travel writing, etc,) but to do so, I need to experience life. And so, like other writers, I figure a quest must ensue. I've made a list of 25 items (with a sub list for baking) that I hope to conquer over this next year. And in doing so, I hope to step away from anxiety and move towards peace. 

Without making you wait any longer, here it is:

  1. Take a vacation with Music Man
  2. Surprise him often
  3. Go camping during the summer
  4. Develop a game/friend/couples night
  5. Nurture a herb garden
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Run 50 mileages weeks
  8. Keep a yoga practice
  9. Run a race out of state with a friend
  10. Attempt a century ride
  11. Go back to school
  12. Write (start) a book
  13. Look into becoming a certified running coach
  14. Host a fancy-schmancy dinner party
  15. Participate in a murder mystery dinner
  16. Buy someone a completely awesome and surprising gift
  17. Volunteer for Team RWB
  18. Visit friends
  19. Play with JJ  daily
  20. Bake/Cook 25 items and indulge in them
  21. Spend a year with Sarah Dessen Novels
  22. Get a tattoo (start my sleeve) from my husband
  23. Learn to play backgammon
  24. Build my scarf and cardigan collection
  25. Keep a prayer journal
I invite you to join me as I venture into this year, and maybe, just maybe, find some of your own peace along the way. 


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. You are beautiful, my dear, and your desire and effort to step out and change the way you live your life is inspiring. I can't wait to see it unfold, and to help you achieve as many of those 25 things as possible :)