December 6, 2011

Life celebrated, once over. What will I choose?

There are many days where I strongly believe that if I didn't have a steaming mug of tea, coffee, or a few pieces of chocolate, I would not function. This past week has been full of those days.

December has not started off in the way that I would've hoped for, but isn't that life? Always throwing us some sort of obstacle.
I have yet to divulge that my 25th birthday wasn't ushered in with balloons and a huge party, but instead, the celebration of a life well lived for someone dear to me. Unfortunately, I attended a funeral last Thursday morning for my best friend's father who was my second dad while I was away and out of state for college. The joy of knowing he was finally home with his Savior made the morning bearable, but the unknown of the future is always the hardest. I pray for my friend, in hopes that these next coming weeks she will find moments to smile and memories to laugh about.
*I would like to add the side note that I did, however, usher in my birthday with cake. I had some for breakfast because my awesome best friend took time out of her grief to bake me a cake. She has a wonderful heart.

And just today I made it back home from a few days spent in the hospital with my Mama. She had a routine surgery on Monday and is doing well, but it was one of those moments for me. A first big surgery for her that I had to deal with as a grown woman and daughter. I was almost an anxious wreck this week, until I remembered my plan to let go of the worry. And so, I spent some quality time with God, a good book, and my father while the Da Vinci machine and faith took care of my mama.

I've often heard it said that how you spend your New Year's Day is how the rest of your year will go. I, unfortunately spent this one driving and getting a speeding ticket... hmmm... that was quite a good foreshadow of my year. But I digress. I refuse to believe that that concept will have any affect on my 25th year. Last week was a new start for me, and yes, it might have still started a little rocky, but that doesn't mean I'm not moving forward in some aspect.

Because on the bright side, I did happened to purchase two very cute scarves for my collection and cooked the most amazing chicken parmesan last weekend.
And just now, I get to enjoy the strums of a guitar from Music Man.

When I have a moment of breath to think about my anxiety, I realize it's a choice. I can choose to be anxious and worry about something that is completely out of my hands or I can choose to pray.

I choose to pray.

"The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith. The beginning of faith is the end of anxiety." -George Muller

Learn contentment. Seek peace. Find joy. Live Faith. Breathe hope.

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  1. Just catching up on your December posts my dear. What a beautiful table you've set. Much like your life to come. Beautiful looking, anticipating the wonderful aromas and fabulous tastes that await you as you keep maturing into a fabulous Princess of the King!