January 11, 2012

Doing: How I bake sweets and still stay healthy

Here's the thing. I'm a talker. A huge talker and not always a do-er.

So here's the other thing. My whole quest for the year involves me becoming much more of a do-er (with less anxiety) than just a talker. I said I wanted to embrace life right? Be inspired? Be healthy? Taste goodness? So I've started cooking more new things for dinner (thanks to an awesome new cookbook which I think I'll be reviewing soon), and I've tried (and failed) a few things on my list already.
But nevertheless, I am doing.
I attempted chocolate cinnamon truffles as part of my Christmas gifts, and they were a huge hit. Note: will be making those again, and again, and again.Super easy, super delicious, and so much cheaper than the fancy foil wrapped ones on the Wal-Mart shelves. I also made the French Butter cookies (only one version of the four on my recipe) and they too were so much tastier than pulling them out of a tin. However, had I actually read the entire recipe through before I started baking I probably wouldn't have attempted them since they involved squishing a cooked egg yolk through a fine mesh strainer that I don't have.
I boiled the egg well.
I squished well.
All because I took a chance despite my qualms and used my resources. (Thank you little brother for the awesome sifter that has multiple uses!)
Either way, I'll be posting both those recipes soon.

My fail, though, happened just a few days ago when I attempted thin crust pizza Saturday, and due to my reading the recipe slightly wrong, it didn't turn out too well. But, due to my brand new pizza stone, which I thought I also ruined because I've never used one before, the pizza did turn out crispy, just how we like it.
The recipe calls for making the dough 24 hours in advance because you have to let it refrigerate at least that long. Well, it also calls for instant yeast, and being the bread baker I am, I only have regular yeast on hand. I missed the whole instant part.
But, I'll stock up on the right ingredients and I'll attempt thin crust pizza from here til eternity until I get that one right.

So, to a new, healthier food year, Music Man and I are doing well. He even convinced me to go for the low fat, individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches last night when I had a major craving for a vice. They were decent. I'd eat it again.
But I will tell you that I am not a dieter. I will NEVER be a dieter.
They don't work, no matter what the infomercial says.
Therefore, I will cook.
And I will eat in moderation. (And drink lots and lots of water.)
And I will run and lift and exercise because those are the truly the only ways to be healthy.

Because I sure as heck am not giving up my thin crust pizza. I'll just load it with veggies.

Learn contentment. Seek peace. Find joy. Live Faith. Breathe hope.