January 13, 2012

13.1 Anyone?

I forgot to mention last time that in addition to all this healthy cooking, Music Man and I have started going to the gym again so I can build up my guns for the list of races I'm hoping do this summer.

Tuesday I officially signed up for the Christie Clinic Half Marathon again. I did the race last April, PR'd, and loved the course. Since I'm starting to feel much better stress, health, and injury wise, I thought I would try it again and go for a new PR: 1:45. It was my ultimate goal at first last year, and then when my training went a little wayside because of my hip, I decided I just wanted to try and break two hours, which I did. I really want to shoot for 1:45this year. I'm approaching my training differently, and who knows, maybe I'll even find a buddy to help push me.

I also signed up my my first annual USAT membership because my hope is to do more than one triathlon this year. A Olympic distance in July, as well as a Half-Ironman, 70.3, in September.

Official training for this half starts at the beginning of February, though I've already been prepping. I won't lie, I hate training in winter: both outside and in, so it's a good thing I've got some strong encouragement in life.

Here's to running again.

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