March 14, 2012

Compression, anyone? Yes, please.

In the world of runners, compression gear is a God-send. Or so they say.

You're supposed to wear it after long runs or hard workouts to help blood flow to the muscles (so, pretty much doing work for the muscles so they have less to do to repair themselves, and in turn, it speeds up your post workout recovery and can also help prevent strain and fatigue.
In a nutshell, compression gear helps decrease soreness the next day.
And I am ALL about less pain. 
I haven't jumped on the compression gear yet, though, mainly because I haven't increased my mileage past the 13.1 mark, and also because compression gear tends to be little pricey for my budget.

However, after a 4 mile run last night that didn't feel too well, I was rummaging through my workout gear for some comfy yoga pants and came across an old pair of compression shorts. I think I bought them several years ago to wear under my running shorts because, let's face it, the whole shorts-climbing-up-my-thighs thing annoys me. I run in capris's now because it's so much less hassle.

Back to my run. It was horrible. I skipped running in the morning for the favor of sunshine and warmth after work. I figured it would be a good run.
I was wrong.

I must have been more tired than I thought, or dehydrated because my legs just felt ridiculously heavy. (probably dehydrated... I just can't drink water....ugh) I stayed on pace (9:29 miles) but it was not a run I was proud of.
I came home, stretched my hammies, and then used foamy (foam roller = my best running friend who deserves his own separate post). Music Man had decided it was Chinese night and so after I showered, I pulled on my compression shorts under some jeans.

To say the least, it was some awkward layering.
However, this morning, it was worth it.
It was yoga/more rolling morning, but surprisingly, or not so surprisingly after the compression trick, my legs were noticeably less sore than usual. I have majorly tight hamstrings which often cause my quads to do more work than needed, in turn causing sore muscles after runs longer than 30 minutes.

But this morning.

I found this company though Skinny Runner's blog (um... read her, she's hilarious) and I am IN LOVE with their endurance socks. Definitely check out her post for an awesome socks giveaway! I'm already saving up my change for  pair of the pink ones.

Except, I have this feeling I'd wear them all the time. With every outfit.
Keep your eyes out.
I'll probably end up on People of Walmart.