March 16, 2012

Some Fitness Links for this Friday

Well, I definitely read a lot of articles this week.
So, it's time to share:

1.  "One of our greatest gifts as humans in our ability to move."
I'm thinking that The Athlete's Book of Home Remedies by Jordan Metzl, MD is book I need to add to my ever growing collection of fitness books. I stumbled upon this article on the Today Show's website and even though the book is from the Men's Health collection, I'm thinking it might do me some good. The author is not only a doctor, but an athlete. He's a veteran of 29 marathons and 9 Ironmans. I'm thinking he knows just about every ache and pain out there.

photo via Runner's World
2. I l-o-v-e St. Patrick's Day. It could, quite possibly, be my favorite holiday. I won't lie. I secretly wish I was Irish. I am part Scottish which is one step closer to discovering my Irish roots. So in celebration, if I could, I would visit every. single. one. of these runner friendly pubs tomorrow. Anyone out there running a St. Patty's Day race? Shamrock Shuffle? Runnin of the Irish? Unfortunately, there are no super close races to me, so no shamrock race this year. Perhaps I should put "start a shamrock race" on my docket for my town next year.

3. I started twittering recently, mostly to shamelessly promote my blog, but I also had the thought, I wonder who is out there? Turns out a lot of my favorite authors, athletes, companies, and bloggers are. Well, one of the people I started following is Sage Rountree, a yogi, athlete, and author (l-o-v-e her Athlete's Guide to Yoga, and definitely want her soon to be released, Runner's Guide to Yoga), and well, one of her tweets this week introduced me to Yoga Vibes, an online yoga class subscription service. And the great part: it actually seems affordable. As in, $20 a month unlimited access to classes affordable.  Now.. .if we could just get faster internet....

4. Having trouble getting into the run routine? How long does it take to form a habit anyway? 21 days? 30 days? Well, sometimes I like to think the time amount doesn't matter. Forming a routine is a mind set. Here's a couple of tricks for getting that mindset going. [Side note: Number 4 is my favorite. No matter how many "Routine help lists" I read... there's always something about goal setting. And in my personal running, goal setting is HUGE.]

Alright folks, it's off to a fancy schmancy dance with the Music Man! Have a great Friday night!!