March 23, 2012

A little fitness link reading

This must have been a good week in the fitness world because I had a hard time keeping this link list fairly short today.  I've read some good articles and walked away with some great tips and knowledge. Here's 5 I'd like to share with you:

1. Not sure how I feel about this one. I read about several mother runners all the time, and even have some good friends who are quite fit and never had issues when it came to conceiving; however, Runner's World says that new studies have found vigorous exercise to delay pregnancy. Guess I'll find out eventually if that's an issue I'll face.

2. This one gets a little wordy, but stick with it. Here's the nutshell: If you tell yourself you can't, you won't. Eventually, you'll start to believe all your negative talk and it sinks in. Don't be a doutbful engine that could. Stay positive! If it works on the negative side, then the positive talk has to be tenfold.
3.I was reading HRG  on Monday and she mentioned this fun race she's doing in April. Sure enough, I checked it out and there's one close to me. The Tough Mudder's haven't really caught my eye yet, but leaving a race all colorful and paint splattered? I'm totally up for that.

4.Did you know it can take up to six months for our mind to recover fully after a marathon? Sin months?!?! I knew our muscles obviously take awhile to recover, but I didn't even know about neuromuscular fatigue. I think this applies more to hard core marathoners (like 2:30's finishers) and not your average-paced racer, but this makes me rethink my idea about a half marathon in October and a Full three weeks later. Would this really be a case of mind over matter? Or should we start to get serious and rest our brains?

5. It turns out Daylight Savings Time can actually be bad for our health. I have read so many articles about how important it is to get at least 8, maybe even 9 hours of sleep a night and maybe even a nap in when you are training hard. Even if you aren't a runner/trainer, sleep is seriously important to us. Things like jet lag, shift work, or time change really affect our internal clock which in turn can affect our health tremendously. When we're sleep-deprived, our chance of diabetes increases, our heart function can get screwed up, and our immunity system becomes weaker. I challenge you to read the full article; it really made me think about sleep in a different way. America really need to incorporate nap time into the 9-5. It'd be good for all of us.

Have a great Friday ya'll!