March 19, 2012

Motivating Monday: Getting out there

Have you had finished a workout and said to yourself, "I wish I hadn't done that."
Probably not.
Although, I might have said that during high school volleyball practice when we were forced to run zig zags (back and forth's, lines, in and out's...) because we hadn't been practicing well. Back then I didn't know how much I'd enjoy running one day.

But now, I'm usually complaining before the workout.
Ok, I might complain after a workout, but it’s usually to my husband and about how sore I am, and even though it hurts it still feels so good.
But I never tell him, I really wish I just hadn’t run those [enter number here] miles, or I wish I just hadn’t got up early and woke up with yoga today.

And I think that’s the great thing about any kind of workout. We can whine and complain and dillydally around up to the start of the workout, but once we’ve started, it’s like we’ve hit a point of no turning back.

I found this photo last week on one of the runner blogs I read, The Hungry RunnerGirl, and I love it. It’s got just the right amount of sarcasm to kick me into gear.
Thanks HRG for the motivation!
It makes me realize that when we finish, it’s almost as if complaining doesn’t exist.

Until tomorrow’s workout start, of course.

Your turn: If you start today, then there will definitely be a finish waiting for you. What’s your workout of choice for this Monday?