March 19, 2012

Shoes and GU: New things for running

I like to think that Music Man and I live in a hub. We live in a small town but not too small because we do have a Walmart; however, we're surrounded by bigger cities. There's one to the North, Northeast, South, and Southwest all literally about a 45 minute drive away. So we hardly ever get bored when we want to go walk around a bookstore, or mall, or have a nice dinner date. There's always a different city to choose from.

Yesterday, we headed to my least favorite, the Southwest, (where I used to commute to work before this year) mainly because I had to get my TB test checked for my substitute teacher app, but also because I was bound and determined to get some new running shoes.
The Southwest opened up a Scheels, a mega sports store if you've never head of them,  last month. Or in my opinion, an ginormous Outdoor world for the other half of the outdoor athletes. I've been avoiding it like the plague for fear of overcrowding, and way overpriced items. However, I was not disappointed. The store itself was fairly decent.
And the running gear? Despite  the fact that the female section was significantly smaller than the males (which happens everywhere) there was a nice array of brands and Scheels even had cycling gear.
Female cycling gear. Which I can NEVER find in stores.

But, I was there for running. I had to focus.
And I did not leave empty handed.

My new kicks are the Mizuno Wave Nexus 6. A couple of years ago I ran in the 3 model and loved them. I had found my shoe. Then about fifteen months ago (literally... I over mileage my shoes tremendously) I upgraded to a different model of Mizuno's because they happened to be all I could find in the sports store and I had birthday gifts cards. Turns out I bought the exact opposite of what I really needed for my feet. So, if you read my last post, you'll see that I said see ya later to those.
I'm excited to break these in tomorrow.

Usually, I'm a Hanes sock kind of girl. Pretty much for the same reason I wear my shoes way too long. Affordability.
However, Music Man convinced me to try some running socks since my arches are so high. I found this super cute pair of Adidas socks that have a little extra cushioning in the heal, and a compression support band around the arch.
Can I just say I am never going back to my Hanes? These are heaven on my feet.
Confession. I totally wore them to work today.

And finally. GU and Sport Beans
Confession time 2. I had never tried GU until my half marathon last year when they were passing it out on the course. I'm terrible about consuming calories during a run, so this is something new I'm working on.
Anyway, I ended up with a Chocolate GU during the race, and it was smooth as fudge frosting. And just as delicious.
So, I picked another one up yesterday, and the Chocolate Mint caught my eye too. I've got a few long training runs leading up to my race in the next couple of weeks, and it's time to train like I'm going to race. I loved how the GU gave me energy in my race last year, and for a packet of brown goo, it tasted delicious.

Oh, and Sport beans. Those are a given considering I believe jelly beans are the best creation, ever. Fun treat or energy during a run? Yes, please.
I just like them because they have a little extra special nutrition.

And I can't forget what came in the mail today:

WOOT!  I suppose this means I should really get in gear and actually sign up for a race this year.
I have two on the docket, but I'm still saving up my pennies.

Passing the Baton:

Your shoe of choice? Why? What's your foot strike like?

Are you a calorie consumer while you run? If so, what's your choice? GU? Sport Beans? PowerBar brand? 

What flavors do you recommend?