March 21, 2012

Eggs: They do a body good

Boiled or poached. That's my choice!
I have an on-again, off-again relationship with eggs.
Lately, we’ve been on.
And can I just say, it’s been good.

After reading an article by Runner’s World, I’m glad that this love-bond is happening. I learned five things today about how much eggs are doing for me.

1.      The protein in whole eggs (so, yes, eat the yolk!) helps control my appetite. Which means I should be good until lunch and not feel like I have to snack on those three-day old donuts that might just taste delicious after 15 seconds of getting zapped in the microwave. Which is turn could also help with weight loss.
And what’s more, the protein is also great for muscle-repair after my morning runs. I’ll take scrambled with a side of chocolate milk (best. recovery. drink. ever.)
2.      Um, hello healthy heart!  So, despite all the “cholesterol is bad for you” talk that has to deal with eggs, eating them several times a week can actually decrease my chance for heart disease, and eggs yolks actually hold a unique protein that can help stop blood clots, minimizing my risk of a heart attack.
3.      (Sung to the tune of “Joline”…)Chooooooline! Choooooline! Did you know one large egg as 30% of your daily value, again found in the yolk? Did you also know that Choline is a major supporter of brain health and can help keep the circulatory system regulated and clean (decreasing inflammation)? Which basically helps keep my muscle swelling down after an intense workout, and  keeps my risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s low. No big deal or anything.
4.      We all know that Calcium is integral to our bone health, but we also need a whole bunch of Vitamin D to also help out bone strength. Most of the time we’re told to get out in the sunlight and absorb that D! But, the incredible egg is one of the few sources where this Vitamin can be found. So get your bone strength on and eat an egg!
5.      It’s no wonder I have 20/15 vision! Eggs contain the protein lutein which helps keep vision precise. And it helps prevent macular-degeneration. If you’re a Popeye fan and you eat your spinach constantly, you’ll absorb the same protein; however, eggs provide a more absorbable form of lutein. And they taste way better.

I’m all about the incredible, edible egg for breakfast these days, especially since I’m back to running in the mornings and 1. I’m always starving after a run and 2. I need the protein recovery.
This is definitely the beginning to a beautiful relationship.
Check out the full article for all the science-y garb. But I’m warning you, it’s definitely not as fun to read as my paraphrase.
But it does have a couple good recipes at the end.

Passing the Baton: Are you an egg lover or a fighter?  What’s your favorite way to eat them? Any good recipes?