March 26, 2012

Weekend happenings and a PR workout

My weekend started out with a half day of work on Friday because I headed up to campus and officially became a student again.
I registered for summer classes (11 hours!) and fall classes (18 hours!) I'm pretty much one of the first to register because I'm a super, duper senior considering I have a whole bachelor's degree transferring in. I'm pursuing my teaching certificate which isn't actually a degree program. Just the credentials I need to teach.
Then, the best. thing. ever.
I dragged the hubster with me and four teenage girls. It's my YA girls book club and since it was the first book we read this year, we all had to go together.
My town has this awesome locally owned little theater and silly me didn't even think about tickets being sold out. So when I got a screaming text from one of the girls two hours before the movie saying I needed to go buy tickets NOW, I changed my mind. The theater was packed, and I have never been to a movie where so many people went to the bathroom/got refills than at this movie.
Nevertheless,  it was amazing.
Saturday happened.
I shopped with my mom.
I love my mom.
I hate shopping.

However, I did get this dress.
My little bro is getting married at the end of June.
The dress is perfect and doubles for Easter.
I'm also thinking I need this hat since he's getting married on a farm, outside. (Yes, I put my sunglasses back on just to make sure the hat fit with them.)

It's my own fascinator
 At one time in my life I was a shoe fiend. I think I had close to 70 pairs when I was in high school. If I was still a fiend, I would want these:
 & these

I'd probably only wear them once and not even come close to using up their worth.
But I'm a runner now and I value my feet and ankles, so I pretty much stick to my sneakers and flats.
le sigh.
Sunday. Oh Sunday. It was my favorite day.
I went out for a 7 mile workout which I was originally going to do as 1 mile warmup-5 miles pace-1 mile cool down.
It sort ended up as 23 second warmup-7 miles pace- around the apartment complex cool down
I finished in 1:01 with splits of:
mile 1 - 8:57 mile 2 - 8:45 mile 3 - 8:50 mile 4 - 8:35 mile 5 - 8:27 mile 6 - 8:41 mile 7 - 8:49
Once I got to mile six, I could feel myself wanting to slow down, so I told myself to finish that mile and the last one could be my cool down. I swear when I started mile 7 I was running at a crawl pace, but when I hit my split timer I ended up still being on pace. I like to think of this training run as my "run with the big girls"
As in, I could probably keep up pace with some of the gals who blogs I read.
Or, I dream I could anyway.
Then I decided since I ran for over an hour, I should probably take part in an ice bath ritual.
So, I filled up my tub with cold water, dumped in the 19 ice cubes I happened to have in my freezer, and threw in an ice pack for good measure.

The lone ice pack.
 Since I ran 7 miles, I sat in the tub for 7 minutes.

The mileage to minutes ratio made sense to me. Plus, I was cold.
I'm working up to longer time spent with the ice. I promise.

Then, I decided my run was totally worth it just for breakfast:
Nutella and PB

JJ thought so too.
He's a PB fiend.
This weekend was busy, but good. I'm looking forward to my slow increase of mileage  over the next few weeks since the Christie Half race is a month away.
Now, it’s time for Castle and bed.

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  1. The shoes, oh those darling shoes! Let's see you run in those!