April 11, 2012

Best. Commercial. Ever. and Talk of Marathons

I have to share two things today because that's what runner's do. We share.

Well, maybe if we're high on endorphins and giddy. Which I am this morning.

Have you seen the new Nike Free commercial yet? My best friend texted me about it last week because she saw it on TV and said it remind her of me.

Then I was perusing this gal's blog and she had a link to the video. It is hilarious!!
I finally saw it on TV this weekend, too,  but it's a shorter version, so here's the YouTube clip. I still smile every time I watch it.
And be warned: the song will get stuck in your head.

Yesterday morning I headed out for 5 miles with RB (running buddy) and we had a good run. I didn't keep my splits, but we finished in about 42 minutes. This is huge for me. She's been a runner since high school--like a cross country distance runner- and she's completed one marathon. When we first started running together last year, I felt horrible because I couldn't keep up with her pace. She was just a bit too fast for me.
However, things have changed.
I ran comfortably with her yesterday, and it was so reaffirming that my pace is getting faster.
So, my hope is to finish my half in about the same time she did hers last fall which is 1:48. That's dropping 10 minutes from my PR but I think I can do it.

And get this.
We talked marathons.
As in this marathon:

It's a Boston qualifier which means we'd have to finish in 3 hours 35 minutes.
Which also means we'd have to keep about an 8:00 min pace.

She's a teacher so RB'll have the whole summer off to train--she's going for the qualifying.
I'm thinking about it. I honestly think I could push myself and stay with her, but it might mean pushing aside plans to do a half-Iron triathlon Which I've been thinking about doing anyway because I really want to do the Ironman branded race and they are just super expensive for our budget right now.

But, this marathon is affordable, its within my neck of the woods, and RB signed up for it yesterday morning. I promised her I wouldn't back out. I just have to wait until good 'ole payday.

But this is happening people. The marathon is happening

Passing the Baton: What are your stories from your first marathon? Good? Bad? Ugly? Do you think it's ridiculous that I might try to qualify for Boston during my first go 'round with the marathon? Any tips? Suggestions? Crazy talk?

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