April 9, 2012

A weekend of food and some mileage

When your Friday starts out with this: (a leftover lunch that I've had every day this week because it's absolutely delicious and healthy--spinach, grilled chicken, black beans,multi-grain w/flax seed bread, and an amazing citrus vinaigrette)

Then you definitely know the weekend will be full of this:

No, that's not from pinterest. I'm crafty.

Friday involved some pizza (like always) and a good movie night in. This weeks' choice was Hugo.
See it people.
That's all I will say because it's all that need said.

Caught in action

Then Saturday happened. I worked. Blah. But it was worth it for this--
The in-laws came in town for Easter so we had to spruce the place up a bit.
I'm sure Music Man loves it when I sneak pictures of him. I blog. It happens.
He still loves me. 
Watch out.
They'll be more.

Then, I think we headed out to B-town for a little shopping, and I came home with some prizes! A new compression bra and a clearance technical shirt. Target is the place for workout gear on my budget, and I really like the C9 brand. Plus I'm stocking up for the race. I cannot wear the same gear I did last year.
I will so not be last year's race pic.
Oh, and I ordered some of these calf sleeves in pink. I'm hoping to finally try the amazing-ness of compression for recovery, or to even attempt to wear these while I run. I've had a little Achilles pain lately, and these are supposed to help some. Plus they'll match my new shirt, so they'll be perfect for the half-marathon.

How can you ignore that face??
Dinner was simple and uneventful, and involved another movie, I think. But I mean, come on, when you have this face staring at you, do you really think it's going to be that exciting?

I tried out my new gear minus the calf sleeve on Sunday when I headed out for my 9 miler. I had a great run. It was a beautiful Easter morning, and I felt pretty strong after coming off my week of rest. Mentally I was a little shaky (I often get that way when I take a break or get this close to a race) but after my first mile at an 8:37 pace, I knew I could hold out for 8 more.

This will be my profile pic for the next five months
Our Easter service was beautiful. Our church typically has three services of a Sunday morning: traditional and two contemporary, but for Easter, we worshiped together at the University's Chapel. It was the biggest church service I have been too, yet, it never lost the intimacy of the moment. It was a wonderful morning of celebration and joy, and we even got a good picture in.
That's saying a lot for us.

Easter dinner rolled around with way too much food for five people. But, I ran 9 miles that morning, so I overloaded.

Mostly on Gooey Butter Cake.


And blueberry scones.
I am savoring every bit of breakfast this week.

(This space left intentially blank for the 2.5 hour nap I took Sunday afternoon.)

The cake though, that's a different story than the scones. Don't let the picture fool you. There are only two pieces left tonight, and I think I'll go eat them while I watch Castle and my dogs snores away. Because that's what he's doing right. now. 

It's a good thing I have 5 miles in the morning with my running buddy. Yay for meeting back up!
I'm terrible. It's her spring break and I'm dragging her legs out of bed at 5:30 am.
But we're talking marathons tomorrow morning. As in, that's right, training for and running a fall marathon.

This is serious stuff people. Serious stuff.

Passing the Baton: How was your Easter? And fun weekend stories?