April 6, 2012

Fitness Links for your weekend reading

It's finally Friday. Not necessarily my favorite day of the whole week, but definitely my favorite day of the work week. Here's hoping it goes by fast today, though, I still have to work tomorrow morning.
C'est la vie!
 Anywho, here's some weekend reading for you. And be warned. It was another good week of reading, so I've loaded you up!

1. Female endurance athletes, I'm talking to you! Any of you ever have trouble giving blood because you're iron levels were low? Or have you struggled with fatigue, decreased performance, decreased intensity while working out? If so, this post from Runner's World Sweat Science blog is for you! I initially found it through HRG this week, and I'm going to tell you to check out her post on it too. Now, I love reading about the science behind health and fitness, but sometimes it just gets too scienc-y for my literature focused brain.

But, HRG sums it up nicely in her post, telling us that pretty much all of our endurance work blocks iron absorption for our bodies and it might be beneficial for us to think about supplementing or eating iron-rich foods. I tend to go the latter route and some of my favorites are red meat, eggs, spinach, and beans. Running is good for us, yes, but we still have to be conscious about some things!

2. If you like to read about athlete's and are looking for a good read, check out this book: in the water they can't see you cry by Amanda Beard
Wednesday, I saw a spot on The Today Show about Olympic swimming champion, Amanda Beard, and her new memoir. In it, she talks about her battle with bulimia and depression, and her time in college when she cut herself. Those who know me well know I'm a huge advocate for a confident self-image and finding that through athletics. It's something the women in my family have struggled with our whole lives, and it's something I don't want my daughters to face. I think it's another reason I strongly want to go into teaching. I want to teach girls to love themselves for who they are. Beard's memoir looks powerful and I cannot wait to read it. It's already in my library que.

pigeon pose - my fav
3. I'm combining two articles in this one because they focus on the same subject: yoga. Mainly because since I've taken a rest week this week, I've been stretching like crazy. The first is some stretches to help relieve tight hips and low back pain. I tend to use these poses constantly. The second is from pinterest, via a Fit Fluential yoga board called a happy hip sequence. It's on my docket for today.

Wishlist roller!
4. I know I talk about foam rolling a lot, but I can't help it. There are some great benefits to using one after a run and even on days when you don't run. It really helps get rid of the lactic acid buildup in your muscles and it's a cheap massage. Since I haven't always been the best stretcher, but try to use foamy everyday, I've noticed a difference in my legs. Especially my annoying right one with all the pain. Here's a short Q & A about foam rolling

just taking precautions
5.  Way back when, I posted this FLF about the women riding the Tour de France. Well, this week I stumbled upon a journal-like post from one of the riders, Heidi Swift,  counting down til ride day. It's really neat to read about the ride from her perspective, but I'm throwing out a disclaimer. There's some language in it. However, it still makes me excited for their adventure! Can't wait to follow those gals!

6. As does every runner, I've dealt with the basic injuries in my past and might currently be trying to ward off another one. I found a post this week about some basic running injuries and how to prevent them. It's a good read for beginners.

Have a great Friday everyone!