April 13, 2012

Fitness reading for you!

Good morning readers!
It's Friday. It's early. Music Man is still gone, so I've got some good reading for you.

1. Are you just starting your running journey? If so, this article is for you. I know, I keep promising you all of these awesome running tip articles like carb loading/fuel, recovery, race tips, etc, and then I follow through with articles I've found online. I'm lame. I know. I think maybe I'm slightly nervous that what I have to say isn't as cool and smart as what the experts say. I mean, you all know I'm not a certified coach or anything (yet) but I have been around the block a few times(literally and figuratively). I think I'll venture out this week. Tell you something you want to know. But until then, you can get a quick overview here. Ps. I liked number 6. I never even thought about running on different sides of the road before. I'm a rule keeper when it comes to safety.

source- Women's Health
2. I don't know if you keep up on the running world like I do, but Boston is Monday. And if you don't know what Boston is, then I'm suggesting you Google it when no one else is around that way you can easily keep up with conversation come Monday without anyone ever knowing you weren't in the know. Maybe you're a lucky one to travel to Boston, or maybe you're like me and just have a regular person's race coming up but have to travel a little bit. In that case, this little tip article is for you. I haven't travel traveled to many races before (as in stay the night/weekend in the race town) but most of the races I do, I end up driving to. I usually stay close so I can crash at my parents' house. These tips are mostly common sense, but hey, we all need a reminder now and then

source Fitness mag
3. Have you worn your sneakers down, moved on to a new pair, but still have all your old ones, say four pairs, just piling up in your closet because you can't bear to trash them? Oh? That's just me?  Well... here's a few nifty suggestions about what you can do with those sneakers instead of just throwing them in the garbage. One of my pairs is definitely a reusable pair around the house or for hiking in the woods. But, I tend to wear my sneakers down so much I don't think they'd benefit anyone else. Maybe they'll become a track somewhere...

 4. Who knew that "sitting too much raises your risks of death" (Runner's World Sweat Science)? This post on Sweat Science explains how our desk jobs could be killing us. How 'bout that. 
We all know exercise is good for us. It has amazing health benefits and keeps us around longer. And this graph shows us that: the more you exercise the less likely you are to die. But what this graph also shows is that the more you exercise, the more sitting is likely to off you.
source - RW
Seriously upsetting.
I know we tend to be a sedentary people, but still? I can see the toy companies creating a whole new Clue game: It was the desk chair in the office with the soft cushions. 
I tend to stand most of the time at my job currently, but I know many people within my family and friends who have desk jobs. What do we do with this information? Ignore it? Quit our jobs? (probably not) Stand all day, every day? Probably not the best for our bodies either.
 I think the smartest option is moderation, like with all things. We can't quit our jobs just because we sit. That's silly. But, we can take time to stand during the day. Walk about the office, maybe try an adjustable desk so we can stand while working, take a nice walk outside during lunch hour. And most importantly, don't come home and plop in front of the boob tube at night. It's almost summer people. Stay active!! We just need to be more aware about our lifestyle, and sometimes, I think that's what these studies and articles do. They wake us up to the sedentary lifestyle we could  be living.

Alright. Off the soapbox.
That's heavy enough for one day.

Enjoy the reading and have a great Friday!!!

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