April 16, 2012

Motivating Monday: I'm not a quitter...just learning to rest

It was most definitely a whirlwind weekend.
Music Man and I traveled to see his family, which is about a four hour drive, for a late Easter and let me tell you, when you can't leave until after work Friday and have plans to be back by Sunday evening, that's a lot of driving for a little time.
And traveling never always messes with my running plans.

I was a good runner though and packed all of my clothes, recovery junk, and even my own running fuel.
But I definitely skipped my 10 mile run.

Am I upset or mad at myself for doing it?
Am I going to make it up this week?

More than likely, I could have gotten up Sunday morning and ran. It was a beautiful, warm morning, but we had stayed up later than usual the past two night visiting with family, and my body had been adjusting to being away from home anyway. I was around cats this weekend, and we don't get along allergy-wise, so I wasn't in tip top health form.
I chose not to run not because being away is an excuse to fore go all exercise, but because I knew I would probably hurt myself rather than help myself.
I didn't want my immune system to crash on me for the week and then try to recover so soon before the race.
I didn't want to injure my ankle or hip because I was so tired my muscles weren't working properly.
Because sometimes, even when I'm in tip top health, 10 miles can do that to me.
I've found that a double digit run is sort of the crossing over point between running feeling good and running feeling bad.
And I'm only two weeks out from my race, so I most definitely did not need to suffer through this week.

Sometimes, we just need a rest weekend. Even if we aren't training for a race or if we are training at all, our bodies, our minds, and our spirits just need to stop and get away from everything else we are doing in life.
I've often found that I can be my own worst enemy, and had I convinced myself that going out for 10 miles yesterday was a good thing, I'd probably be a little too broken down today to be up and facing the day. Because I am most definitely not caught up from missed sleep this weekend, and I'm still fighting the stuffiness,  but I know I'll be able to resume training tomorrow.
And a little yoga today will probably do me wonders.

 Passing the Baton: Are you your own worst enemy too? If so, have you learned how to be your biggest supporter or coach? How do you actively add in rest days to your training or know when it's ok to just take a rest weekend?