April 18, 2012

The thing about choosing joy is... it's contagious

Yesterday started out well because when I woke up, I knew I only had a half day of work.
Granted, I have to go in Saturday morning, but sometimes that afternoon off during the week is splendid.

Not to mention that I quit my job, and then had an interview for a part-time gig.

Oh that's right. I haven't told you.

I'm officially going back to school for my teaching certification. Classes start May 21st.

I'm still debating whether I want to teach High School or Middle School English or if I would rather become a school librarian/children's librarian. But, getting my teacher certification is the first step, and all the observations and student teaching will help me decide which path to take.
Which is also why I interviewed for a part-time library gig that I sort of just stumbled upon last week.
And because with the two of us in school full time, we'll need money.

Eh. Not so worried.

Can I just tell you that I was more nervous going in to talk to my boss than I was for my first half marathon? I wasn't sure if I'd lose my job on the spot or if it would go well.
But I have a wonderful boss and it went well. And I knew that if I can finish a race, then I wasn't about to chicken out or clam up when we talked.
So, one more month of being a full-time working woman and then it's back to poor college student!!
(That might be a good thing though because I swear I could afford more running stuff/races when I was poor and in college... )

One thing that struck me in during short interview, which was really just like a conversation, was that she did ask me an interesting question: What motivates you? And I was asked to interpret it any way I want.
I thought for a second or two and answered honestly.


I have always lived by my faith. My heart belongs to Christ, and over the last year I have purposely tried to really start living by faith again. Trusting. Listening. Obeying. Stepping out. And that's what going back to school is for me. I'm listening and stepping out in faith that school is where I'm being called at this time in life.

And because of that, I feel so much more joy than I have ever had in my life.

But I also thought, running brings me joy but I also run to find joy.
Music Man never fails to make me smile, and marrying him brought so much joy into my life.
The same can be said of my family and friends. I have some of the best people in the world in my life.

And when I consciously choose joy, no matter the circumstance in life, something is different about my day.
I am trying desperately to be joyful Be joyful always [1 Thess 5:16] and I realize that by choosing joy I also want to share that with others.
I want to bring joy to others.
I want to inspire them to choose joy.

When I choose joy, things-especially the little things like a not-so-good-run yesterday morning or the dog's vet visit that was $100 over budget--do not make me anxious anymore.

But it's also the little things that make me smile.
Like playing with butterflies.

I deleted my instagram on accident, but I did play with one yesterday.

And a super good leg workout in the gym.
And finding this so I'll be seen in the mornings when I run:

And honestly. That's why I write about running (sort of like this gal who inspires me) Granted, it could be all the endorphins, but there's something about how running just makes me a better person. 
It helps me see things clearly.
It helps me work through things.
It helps me reflect on my own words and own runs as I look back.
It connects me to my faith and my God in a way I cannot find anywhere else.
And, it helps me to consciously choose joy.

I'm in the process of developing a philosophy that I want to share on my blog with you. It's just sort of a personal way I am living life. After all... I am on a quest, trying to live by a mantra.
I'll be posting some new pages so be on the lookout. 
But most of all... this philosophy is really just about who I am, and how running is helping me find that.

And it's exactly what I want running to do for you.

Passing the Baton: Have you had moments of choosing joy this week? I'm contagious, so you might catch it from me.

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  1. My mother always taught me that joy, unlike happiness is not dependent on circumstances. Joy comes from beyond us, and can't be compromised by our feelings or frustrations. However, we do have to choose to accept it. May joy continue to sustain you this week! (And congratulations on seeking your teaching certificate. What a very good adventure!).