April 5, 2012

No run Thursday

This week I have run a total of 3 miles.


And my race is in less than a month.

My scheduled training for said race included a 5 miler-a 3 miler-a 5 miler and then a 15k this Sunday.
But I just haven't felt like running this week.

Don't go jumping to conclusions though, I'm not suddenly facing burn-out or tired of running, it's just been a much needed rest week.
Which should really include a couple of 2 to 3 mile EASY runs to keep my legs going, but instead has included almost no running, lots of yoga, foam rolling, ibuprofen, icing, and sleeping in.

I've been running fairly heavily on and off for the last six years. (Ok, that's pretty much a lie because my heavy running never goes over 13.1 miles. One day soon I will start marathon training and become legit.)  And over the years I've learned that I have to slow myself down. If I just keep training, if I just keep pushing, if I don't rest enough, which is what I seriously tend to do, then I will break.

I know that because if happened last year. I could not drag myself out of bed, off the couch, outside, etc to go run for anything. I wasn't happy in the gym. Yoga bored me. Swimming didn't happen. And I'm pretty sure I never even got on my bike. I just, I couldn't find the passion and fun in what I was doing anymore.
Not to mention the crazy hip/back/glute/everything down my left side injury going on. So I can seriously relate to this gal.

But since I was able to jump that hurdle and find my love of running again (mainly because of a forced rest period) I have learned the importance of rest. I have learned that without it, my performance drops. My passions disappears. But with rest, I become a better runner.

So this week has found me doing just that. Resting.
And you know, I haven't been feeling like I needed to get up and run this week. I know that next week, my running will come back to me. One week won't make me lose the fact that I know how to run. One week won't set me back on time or distance. One week won't screw up my training.

And in fact, it will probably make me come back stronger. At least that's what I'm hoping when I head out for my long run on Sunday. It will be nice and easy and something I am very much looking forward too.
(Keep running for fun, AliontheRun, and sleeping in, and going to spin class, and hitting the gym. This rest period from training will make your next marathon the best!)

But for the next three days, I am taking enjoyment in some yoga, my foam roller, and some much needed recovery.
It feels absolutely wonderful. 

Passing the Baton: Are you like me? Do you tend to keep going from race to race without hardly a break in training? Have you literally been broken from your training and forced to rest? If so, do you ever reach a point in your training--that's not an injury--where you body just says rest and you straight up listen to it now, no questions asked?

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  1. I am all for this, as you know! What's great is that it sounds like you're going about this in a rational, practical way, not a "woe is me I'm not running and I'm dying!" kind of way (which is my style). Take the rest you need and you'll be strong, happy and race-ready in no time. And get some extra sleep! I hear it's recommended.