April 2, 2012

Motivating Monday: It's time to start

Well another weekend and another long run have passed.
Truthfully, I was bummed out all day yesterday because of my run.

It was another beautiful morning. The weather was perfect. I had gotten plenty of sleep and fueled up well. I was ready and excited to head out to run.

To stay on pace with my training, I scheduled 8 miles. Really, I wanted to push myself to about 9 because I have been feeling really good lately with my runs. Well, I headed out and started my running app on my phone that signals GPS and keep track of my mileage. Even though it was blue sky yesterday, it just seemed like the satellite and my phone were not connecting. The app kept freezing and essentially told me I was on an 11 minute pace. (Anyone want to send me a Garmin watch to test? I’d be happy too!)

I totally felt like I was running around 8-9 minutes per mile.
But after 1 hour and 22 minutes, I just stopped. I had been running frustrated the whole time not knowing my mileage or pace, but I totally felt like I ran close to 10 miles. So that excited me. I figured I had a good run under my soles.
Until I went back and drove the route because MapMyRun didn’t have the park roads on the map.
My final result: 8.5 miles.

I was bummed. Last week I ran 7 miles in about one hour. And this week it took me 1:22 to run 8.5?? I didn’t feel slow on the run, but I guess I was.
So, I went about my morning and afternoon all bummed out and gloomy because I had a bad run.

just keep remembering this...just keep remembering this
But you know what, it happens to all of us. And what reason did I have to be bummed? I ran more than what I was technically scheduled to run, so I’m still on pace for the race.
And it was a fairly feel-good run, meaning I felt strong the whole time like I kept a steady pace from mile to mile.
And ultimately, I ran.

I started. I finished.
What more should I really be asking for?

Passing the Baton: Have you ever had a run/workout that just completely bummed you out after? If you find yourself with a bummer run/workout this week, look at it differently. Tell yourself you’re proud of yourself for starting and ultimately finishing. Because that’s the important point.