April 26, 2012

Prerace packing and the Ninth Circle of Hell

I never thought too much about my race gear until I started reading other running blogs and seeing how runners become attached to certain brands.
Which I totally get. There are things I believe in.
I also happen to have a tight budget, and most of the time, running gear doesn’t fit in that.
But, I happened to stash away a pretty penny or two over the last couple of months, and for Saturday’s race, I’ll be trying out a few new things.
(That’s what happens when you do laundry in our house and the hubster leaves coins or $10 in his pants. Finders keepers.)

Don’t worry though. This isn't the post where I plug a certain brand of shoes/clothing/fuel, etc.
This is the post where I plug a million different brands.

Besides, with the myriad of companies  I’ll be sporting on Saturday, I’m sure my brand mixing will earn me a spot in the ninth circle of Hell.



Today’s forecast for Saturday: 50% showers, high in the middle 50’s, so I’m not sure if I’ll go with the lightweight jacket or the dry-fit pullover.
I ran with the hat last year because I had super short hair and the hat kept it off my face, but after the incident where the six-year old boy referred to me as “Hey runner guy!” I’m apt to lose the hat before the starting liDSC04372ne.

Next up is the race outfit. I’m sporting my one pair of race capri’s, which are Nike, and which I believe in strongly. They don’t ride up the women parts, and they have a nice little pocket on the back that’s perfect for my two GU packets. I’ll also be wearing a C9 compression bra, which I also believe in. Let’s face it. If you’re a lady runner, you NEED a good bra. It’s not fun to be bouncing all over the place.
My Mizuno Nexus  are my go-to running shoe. I fell in love with them a couple of years ago and ran the snot out of my first pair (i.e. I ran on them for almost two years and waaaaay over mileage.) I finally got a new pair halfway through my training for this race, and boy do I ever still love them.

My mother will have no trouble spotting me at the finish line thanks to my day-glow yellow tech tee. Would you believe me if I told you I got it for $5 at Walmart (Danskin brand) and it’s just as awesome as my other favorite tech tee?
As for new: I’m also going to be running in compression gear for the first time. I purchased the CEP compression calf sleeves a couple of weeks ago to help with some outer shin/Achilles soreness, and they worked wonders on my 11 mile run last week.

DSC04370Since I’ve fallen hard for the compression, I’ll also be sporting gear after the race to help with soreness.
It has nothing to do with the fact that I’ll be headed to Chicago immediately after the race  for my future sister-in-law’s college graduation which consists of a 3.5 hour car ride after my race.
Nothing to do with that trip.
Nothing at all.
But my mother does have bath wipes and dry shampoo for me to pretty myself up on the way there.
So, I might not smell too much.
This lady just ran 5 gazillion miles last week, and believes in a couple of good compression brands. And since both companies are doing some awesome couponing through the month of April ($20 off sock and free shipping, 50% off shorts!) I thought what better time to try some compression gear than when it fits in my budget.
So I bought the Pro Compression (half) Marathon socks and Aspaeris Pivot Shorts to try out for recovery.

And my ever faithful stick will also be along for the ride.DSC04373

What’s your fuel system like for race day? I like bananas and a half a bagel with peanut butter before, then GU during the race, and Luna Protein after.
I mean, it’s like a cookie dough candy bar just waiting for me at the finish line.



I planned to start the carb load feast tonight with this plate of deliciousness:


But this week has been super busy, so I went for my mom’s good ‘ole spaghetti:


Were you one of those 90’s kids that made spaghetti sandwiches on spaghetti lunch day in the school cafeteria because they always had the super-soft-over-processed-white-bread that just  made the spaghetti way better?
No? Just me?
Guess that’s when my carbaholic tendencies started.

Alright. Enough of the brand dropping.
It’s time to sleep.
After all, two nights before a race is when it counts the most.