April 27, 2012

Fitness Links for your weekend reading. (To keep your mind off of race nerves)

Short and to the point today because it’s been a frazzling week, I’ve got race packing to do, and then it’s time to hit the road!


25Physed-tmagArticle1. It’s obviously important to live a non-sedentary life to help stave off heart disease and diabetes, but a new study has shown a that movement helps keep after dinner blood sugar spikes at bay.

2. Who knew that ferrets could help prove the runner’s high?

3. Positive thoughts people.  That’s what keeps us going. Which is why, despite the rain tomorrow forecasted for my race., I am still going to PR. The rain will make me run faster.

4. But the million dollar question is when do we lose our ability to only think positively? Forget how other people would react and channel your inner child. Say “I’m awesome” [I as in you]. Brag on yourself for a 400465_m03bit. I guarantee it will help push you through that race/run/workout.  Maybe that should be my mantra for tomorrow morning.

5. But speaking of awesome, you must check out this gal. In under four years, she went from Wall Street woman to Olympic hopeful. She’s one of the world’s fastest women cyclists. She’s definitely heroine worthy in my book.


Expect a full race recap eventually.
Have a good Friday!


Passing the Baton: What are you reading this week? Any good articles/tips for me?