May 13, 2012

Congratulations! The blog way.

Hey Little Brother aka Farm Boy
Seeing as how we have a history, you didn’t think I‘d let your college graduation come and go without our usual, would you?

Remember that time you graduated high school and we took this picture?
And then it sort of became our standard picture, but what happened?
We looked weird at my college grad?
Were we replaced by robots or something?
Never fear. We banished the creatures  at my wedding, and reverted back to our normal looks.
I know for a fact that Mom holds this picture near and dear to her heart. It’s proof she birthed two beautiful children.
Let’s do this at your wedding, and every family function from here until eternity.
Dear future sister-in-law, Buttercup. I’m glad he doesn’t make you do silly faces.
At least not at your college graduation.
But if I can warn you about anything from his and my 23 year history, it’s this:
The goofy faces are just a weird brother-sister thing. When we were kids and fought with each other (I pummeled him until he grew bigger than me) Mom always warned us that our frowns or sad faces would freeze that way.
We never really grew up. We’re still trying to see if it works.
I promise when you get married, he won’t do that during your fancy pictures.
I’ll pummel him if he does.

Love you both!! And I am super proud of all your hard work these past couple of years!!
Congratulations on being a college grad!
Welcome to the world of unemployment.

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  1. I really think you should post a disclaimer that your parents don't look like this.....