May 29, 2012

A few stolen moments...

Please don't think I'm gross, but I didn't shower today.
I didn't work out, either.
I even set my alarm for 4:45 so I would have enough time to do both before catching the train to class.
But I woke up, changed my alarm, and curled back up with Music Man.

Please don't think I'm lazy either.
I have a valid reason for both.

I am an Army wife, and Sgt Music Man leaves tomorrow for a month.
It's not an official deployment but a month long training exercise.
And he will  be in the States so we can talk.
But still.

I skipped running and even showering this morning because curling up with the hubby for a few extras minutes is always better.
Those are the moments I hold onto. Those are the moments that make me realize what's important in life. Yes, I love running and yes, I shower on a daily basis, but if I can squeeze in a few extra moments of snuggling, in lieu of skipping a few things, then I always will.
I am an Army wife, after all.
And most times, these last few moments are the best of all. Shower or not.


*disclaimer ...this post via phone app why snuggling on the couch for even more stolen moments

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  1. Aww, Cait this is so sweet, I got a little choked up. You can make it, darlin'! You're a strong woman. :)