May 30, 2012

Wednesday? When did you get here?...And suggestions needed.

What a day.***
Waking up early to run didn’t happen.
Had to get some more snuggle time in before Music Man left at the crack of dawn.
So we snuggled. He got up and shaved.
He left.
I caught the train.
Had a little coffee.
Started my novel. (no big deal)
Then I ran.
2 miles actually.
And surprisingly I looked like this.

Then I realized my smile was off. That’s what happens when the other half leaves.
But THEN I realized I just ran some hard core miles.
So my smile came back.


Most likely because I ran on this.


It’s my new wintertime lover. I’ve never heard of this type of treadmill before, nor ran on one so I gave it a whirl.
That whirl felt like I was running outside. I had spring to my step on a machine. The treadmill might not be so evil after all.
Ps…this is my gym now.


It’s like cardio heaven (This is only one cardio section…didn’t want to be too much of a creeper.)
4 different types of treadmills to choose from, plus I had a choice of tall or short. Seriously. There were treadmills for all of us!
3 types of elliptical-y machines, row machines, and a few other machines that I’m not quite sure what body part they work.
Ok. So it’s not really a gym per say but a ginormous rec center.
Still heavenly.
And there’s even an entire section dedicated to ab work.


Where I used the second evil contraption


to do this


Sexy legs. I know.
And hard core planks


I promise I’m doing a plank here. (I was trying to take pictures of the workout while still doing more work than messing with my camera.)
I actually really love the bosu ball for ab work. You can do all sorts of exercises and target different areas of the ab. Hmmm…I think I feel a series coming on.
Then I sat through class, caught the train home, and ran another 2.5 miles.
There’s just something about running on the day he leaves. It refocuses my mind, honestly.
Yes, I miss him, and yes it’s only the first day, but running… helps me get past that.
Dinner was weird tonight because I forgot to lay stuff out, and I HATE cooking just for one.
I had some weird cravings too.

No worries. Definitely no baby-on-the-way cravings.
Just weird-I-miss-him-don’t-want-to-be-lame-and-cook-for-one type of food.
And I only had like 5 gummy worms, so I’m considering it healthy.
Ok. Ok. I can only blog so long to avoid studying for my test.
Sorry for all the tangents. My mind may be focused off of him, but it’s not focused elsewhere.
Have a good night everyone!

Passing the Baton: What sort of suggestions do you have to keep myself busy while the hubster is gone? Any good workouts to try? Crafts? Books? I’m up for suggestions!
***Disclaimer. I know it may seem like I write/whine a lot about the hubster being gone for Army duty and that I miss him extremely much (and it might get worse over the course of the next 3.5 weeks.) But please don’t judge me. I’m a writer. It’s how I deal with my emotions. And being an Army Wife… it’s not like the Lifetime show. Hate to break it to you. There’s not that much drama, but there is a lot of missing involved even if he’s just in the states. It’s kind of like when you move away from your best friend after high school/college. You just feel a bit lost and not sure who to talk too. So, I talk to the blogosphere. And yes,  I do know that I got into this military life willingly when I married a soldier. So you don’t have to remind me.
If I annoy you, don’t read my blog. It’s ok. I’ll deal.
Seek Peace. Choose Joy. Find Strong.