May 30, 2012

Weakness Wednesday: Series of poses

So... tonight's Weakness Wednesday is the last post for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, but fear not, I shall be continuing on with my yoga!
It's been a great month of yoga, and now that I'm back in school, I definitely need yoga in my life again.

I decided to do a series of poses tonight--for relaxation and loosening. My muscles are TIGHT after two runs today.
One of the videos I chose was How Yoga Can make You a Better Athlete by Tara Stiles. It's a short video, but a good one hitting a lot of the poses I like/need:
Hero Pose, Cow-Face Pose, Pigeon Pose, and a session of Alternate Nostril Breathing

So without further ado, here it is. 


Hope you relaxed well today! I did, and now its off to sleep well.
Seek Peace.

1 comment:

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