May 31, 2012

Thought for a Thursday: Gratitude

Today, I am practicing my gratitude…

by being thankful for this crazy mutt

I got home from class today, and he was excited to go outside like he usually is when I leave him cooped up all day because Music Man is gone.
Well… after we got back inside, I  noticed he already went to the bathroom.
In the middle of my living room floor.
At least I think he went to the bathroom.
He ate most of the evidence, but left a beautiful stain for me.
JJ has attachment issues. A year ago spring when we were living with my parents,  Music Man was gone all week working out of town and I was commuting. JJ developed separation anxiety (or so we think…I’m not about to take him to a dog shrink.) He would oh so casually leave tiny bits of evidence of his messes. Personally, I’d leave the whole thing. Why go through the torture and eat it at all if you’re still going to leave stuff behind?
It was a wonderful couple of weeks.
Then we moved, got settled in, and life was fine. Until we changed up His Royal Highness’s schedule.
And we’re back to being depressed.
You thought I missed Music Man?
You clearly haven’t met our greyhound.
Despite the lovely little present that months ago would have made me livid, I stopped, gave him a look, tousled his ears, and played a nice little game of  tug of war.
Because Grace reminded me how nice it is to have another heartbeat keeping me company.
Thought for your Thursday: Do you have a pet/friend/situation that has done something to you lately that just made you livid? How did you handle it? With or without grace?  Usually I’m the without, but tonight, that was a landmark for me.
Seek Peace. Choose Joy.